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MAN Tge Van Racking

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what will work best in the vehicle you want to rack. Because there are so many different things to consider it can be tough to know what will work the best. VRS case studies are an excellent place to start the research and planning process. Viewing racking projects we have completed for other customers in a MAN Tge van can be really helpful. Customers who have searched for MAN van racking for a Tge often find us that way, or from a similar worded search.

View Van Racking Installed in MAN

View a variety of projects we have completed in a range of manufacturers vehicles. Our racking system is modular so we are able to create any of the storage solutions you see, into pretty much any commercial van in the UK market.

View our Design Services

Once we have an idea of what you would like, we create a CAD design and send it for review. Based on feedback we can then adjust as required.

View our Auto Electrical Services

We have an Auto Electrical Engineer as part of our team, If you need onboard power for tools, equipment or additional lighting we can help you specify the correct products.

Our design services are free and without obligation. Please contact us by telephone 01202 797230 or email enquiries@vrs.ltd and we will be in touch to see how we can help.

Please note, all VRS products are modular and can be sized and fitted for an van or trade role.

  • MAN TGE - AWD van for roadside assist customer. Finished van is eye catching both inside and out, view the walk through video and read about the racking products by clicking below...

  • At VRS we have gained a wealth of experience over the years designing racking systems for a wide variety of end users. The recovery industry has expanded dramatically,therefore the number of customers we complete these comprehensive conversions for keeps growing. Have a read of this case study in words and pictures to discover what worked for this MAN tge build........

  • Do you operate a service van? Would you like a new racking system but don't want to replace your tool chest? Are you fed up with an untidy van that is difficult to work with? Do you need a comprehensive electrical system to provide power? answer yes to any of these questions then this case study with its extended picture gallery is for you!

  • Striking finish was achieved in this build with the addition of a chequer plate aluminium floor covering. From the designated electrics cupboard to the space and weight saving Migi compressor generator this van is more than well equipped for its job as a service van for a transport company. Click read more to view the completed build.....

  • Racking design is a great example of maximising the space available in the van whilst providing the right balance for this customer between storage and working bench areas. Have a quick view of the finished project in pictures....

  • Are you a mobile mechanic or service van operator? Would you like a bespoke racking design? Tempted by a space saving Migi combined compressor generator? need an electrics pack? then you will like this build and there's a walk through video to view.....

  • View the finished result for this truck assist business who opted to save space and weight by having one of our Migi combined compressor generator machines, designed into the comprehensive racking system. Video walk through available for this project click read more below...

  • Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution have a look at this design for a Plumbing & Heating customer to see what worked for them to solve a common storage problem

  • Discover how a roadside recovery breakdown & assistance van was transformed into a mobile workshop. View in pictures the completed build which includes a space & weight saving Migi combined Compressor Generator

  • Service van for an Industrial Hydraulic Hose Company in a MAN TGE, the design makes full use of the available height and includes a heavy duty drop down vice to the side door. No space is wasted in this install, read the case study to find out more about the completed build. This design can be reconfigured to suit individual requirements, complete the contact form below and we will get in touch

  • Read more about how we worked with this customer who operates in the commercial fleet recovery industry. Installing a Migi combined Compressor Generator saved space and weight meaning there was more room for storing tools and parts

  • A good racking design is not just about the racking and other equipment in the vehicle. It is also about thinking how the customer works with the van and maximising the available space, read how we worked with the customer to help achieve that for them.