Commercial Van Shelving

Here at Van Racking Solutions, we offer a range of quality commercial van shelving products across the UK! Our van racking systems are guaranteed to help organise your equipment and tools whilst also allowing for a more organised space. If you are a business in need of a vehicle racking system, our products are perfect for you.

Our Commercial Van Shelving

All our van shelving systems come with anti-slip mats weighing 85% less than conventional rubber mats. We supply strong shelves that are manufactured from plastic material so you can be sure to receive a vehicle racking system that is able to securely store your products.

Some of the features that our shelving units include are:

  • Storage ability for fittings, spare parts, hardware items and more
  • Six models available from 21cm, 26cm, 31cm and 35cm
  • Removable so containers can be taken on-site
  • Shelving Units for Cannisters

If you need to transport liquid, we offer a shelving unit that includes 10L fuel canisters. These are an ideal and affective solution when it comes to transporting oil, fuel or other liquids.

Shelving with Dividers and Matts

In our shelving units, we provide the option for dividers to help keep your products safe and organised through travel. These are specifically designed to avoid tools from falling or mixing. Our oil-resistant mats can also help any potential slipping or movement when your vehicle is on the road.

Shelving Security

Our Van shelving systems can not only help increase day-to-day productivity but can also keep all your equipment secure. This ensures that none of your products gets damaged especially if they are for a customer. Our shelving units will also increase work safety by protecting drivers and passengers from your falling equipment.

Contact Van Racking Solutions

If you are in need of a quality commercial van shelving unit for your business then contact us on 01202 797 230 today! We guarantee to improve your van experience with our quality products.