Design Services

What’s the Process?

Customers who have not worked with us previously often ask us what the process is for getting their project off the ground.

Once we have an idea of what you would like in your racking we can get things started, this normally means us giving you a call to have a quick chat. Dont worry if you are unsure what you would like at the moment, we can easily send you some examples images of other projects we have completed for customers in a similar trade or industry, which is great for ideas and inspiration. You may of course already have visited our Van Portfolio section and sent us some images that you like the look of.

Our CAD design team based on what you have told us you would like produce a fully costed design for you. Our design system gives us all the dimensions of the load space in your van so we can make sure your racking fits in correctly. In the design we email you will be able to view the drawings and see what the racking will look like in your vehicle from a variety of angles. The design also shows the cost of each individual product including the labour cost if you have asked us to fit the racking for you.

When you have reviewed the design you may want to make some changes which is absolutely fine, just let us know, we will make as many adjustments as you require until we get it just right for you.

Once you are happy with the design we can then complete any Electrical quotations you have asked us to do.

We offer our CAD design service free of charge and without obligation.

To make a start contact us on 01202 797230 or email