Drawers For Van

If you have a van that you use for your work, then drawers are a great addition to your van. You can store anything you like in there from tools to documents that you may need to keep them in a safe place. We also supply underfloor drawers so it doesn’t take up any room in the back of your van and can even be used as a secret compartment. Call Van Racking Solutions on 01202 797230 to find out more information on our drawers for vans.


Drawers for Vans at Van Racking Solutions

Here at Van Racking Solutions, we supply and install drawers for any kind of van. We supply drawers as part of a Syncro system; made of a lightweight metal material that can be filled with different sizes of drawers for a van.

To ensure the safety of the drawers and the contents inside them, our drawers come with an automatic dual locking system that locks automatically when the drawers are pushed back. This means that if you’re turning around sharp corners, you can rest assured that your drawers won’t fly out of the case.

Van Racking Solutions can even supply you with a tool case that can go inside your drawer’s unit. You can take the toolbox out completely and take it on site with you without having to transfer your tools to anything else to be able to take them with you. Our drawers for van come in six main different heights and lengths to give you the ultimate flexibility for your van.


Underfloor Drawers

Underfloor drawers are a great addition to any van, especially if you are running out of space within the back of your van. These drawers go underneath the flooring in your van, and they are available in two different heights, with or without mats. Because they are underneath the floor, there can be a weight on the floor of your van no greater than 800kg and the underfloor drawer itself can have a carrying capacity of 120kg. These drawers are the perfect pull out drawers for van. Combine van underfloor drawers with other drawers for van and you’ve got yourself the perfect storage in place.


Why Get Drawers for Your Van?

When thinking about storage systems for your van, drawers are a simple and effective choice to act as part of a van racking system. Or, if you don’t have many tools and goods in the back of your van, then drawers for vans may be all that you need. They provide a clear system for tools, documents and anything else that is small enough to be stored within drawers. The great thing about drawers with us is that they can be pulled out completely, therefore, you don’t need to worry about not being able to reach the contents at the back of the drawer.

Furthermore, the drawers can be removed and because they lock, then the contents will be safe, and you won’t lose anything that you’ve stored inside them. You can have a clear system with numbers and labels on the drawers, so you know exactly where everything is.

Drawers can even help you save money, time and stress; this is because you have an ordered system for your tools. Many workmen will spend 30 minutes a day looking for the tools they need in the back of their van which contributes to money loss and stress as it’s a bad start to the day. Additionally, without a van racking system in place, the tools and other goods in the back of your van can clang together when you’re driving which can damage them resulting in the tools needing to be replaced more often. With drawers, everything is safely secure which will save you money as they won’t get damaged.


Getting Your Van Drawers

Now that you’ve realised you need drawers for your van installed, call Van Racking Solutions on 01202 797230 and we can discuss what kind of drawers you would like integrated into your van. As our Syncro drawers can be completely customisable, we can design a system that will meet your needs perfectly.