Ford Transit Custom Racking

Whether you want to replace an existing van racking system in your Ford Transit Custom or you’re yet to experience van racking, Van Racking Solutions can provide you with the perfect Ford Transit Custom racking for your needs, irrespective of budget. Call us on 01202 797230 and get your Ford Transit Custom van racking system designed today! 


The Ford Transit Custom Van

The Ford Transit Custom has become a widely used van amongst the workman trades. As it’s a mid-sized model, there is a variety of Ford Transit Custom racking systems that can be incorporated into the van. You can also benefit from:

  • Incredible fuel economy
  • Hardy interior that can handle everyday work
  • A van that is designed for both comfort and practicality

The Ford Transit Custom has built-in features that allows you to utilise the space that you have available. Firstly, the Ford Transit Custom has a flip up panel that can store items up to 3 metres long, giving you the space in your van for you other items. Additionally, by having these items discreetly stored underneath your flooring, the chances of theft decrease.

Secondly, The Ford Transit Custom is perfectly built to create your Ford Transit Custom racking system. With this system in place, you can have organised shelving which ensures that all your goods and tools can be stored in an organised and efficient manner.

Another great feature about the space available in the Ford Transit Custom, is that you can choose the size of the space that you have available. Depending on your needs and workspace requirements, the Ford Transit Custom is available in either a short or a long wheelbase option, with the payload provided ranging from 646kg to 1507kg, allowing you to have the van that suits you.


Why Install a Van Racking system?

A van racking system is a great addition to any working van on the road; check out our top 5 reasons to install a van racking system. The Ford Transit Custom is already a fantastic van for practicality and storage, but it can be enhanced further with Ford Transit Custom racking in place, allowing you to store more tools and materials in an organised manner.

All our Ford Transit van racking systems are made using the Syncro modular system. This racking system allows you to have a van racking system that is tailored to your van and your needs as you can choose from various sizes and a combination of any products that you desire, providing you with optimal performance. Additionally, the Ford Transit Custom racking system can be transferred from one van to another, allowing you to keep your van racking system when you upgrade your van.

Installing Ford Transit Custom racking in your van will increase your profits as:

  • It creates a great first impression for customers as a tidy and organised van is a good image.
  • Improve your efficiency as you save time when searching for the tools that you require as there is an organised system in place, allowing you to get more work done.
  • Organised storage of tools and materials helps to protect them, resulting in fewer profits being spent on new tools.
  • With efficient Ford Transit Custom racking in place, it has been proven that you can downsize your van.
  • Van racking systems not only protect your tools, but they help to protect the lining in your van from internal damage to the bodywork from unsecured loads, meaning your van should have a higher resale value.
  • Van storage systems can help to prevent minor health and safety incidents including trip hazards, as there won’t be loose tools on the floor.

If you need assistance with Ford Transit racking ideas, then visit our portfolio page where you can see previously installed systems in place. Alternatively, visit our Wimborne workshop and our team will be able to design a complete van racking system for you with consideration of your van, your trade, your needs and your personal preferences.


Receiving your Ford Transit Custom Racking

If you want a customised Ford Transit Custom racking system that has been tailored for you, then Van Racking Solutions has the solution. By using us, you can get a system designed, supplied and installed for any budget type. Call us on 01202 797230; we’d love to help with your van racking needs.