Mercedes Vito Van Racking

If you’re looking for Mercedes Vito van racking systems that cater to your professional and personal needs, then you’re in the right place. Van Racking Solutions can provide design, supply and installation services across all van types including the Mercedes Vito. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to call us on 01202 797230.


Mercedes Vito Van Racking Systems

Mercedes Vito is a medium sized van that is quite streamlined in nature as opposed to being square shaped which can make finding van racking systems that fit a little more difficult. With a choice of three different lengths of Mercedes Vito and a selection of engines, the Mercedes Vito is a good choice for workmen of many different trades. But with its streamline nature and light load, how do you acquire the perfect Mercedes Vito van racking system?


Syncro System for Mercedes Vito Van Racking

The Mercedes Vito is light and streamlined which means that large, heavy van racking isn’t appropriate for this van type; however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a Mercedes Vito van racking system. With the Syncro system available at Van Racking Solutions, any system is possible in any kind of van. This is because the Syncro systems offer you superior flexibility and personalisation. If you see a shelving unit that you think would be perfect for your needs but not your van, then it can be with the Syncro system! The Syncro system allows you to combine any of our 7000+ products together for a Mercedes Vito van racking system that has all the components that you need. Furthermore, you can choose from varying lengths and sizes of the products, meaning that you can custom build a system that incorporates into your Mercedes Vito perfectly.

You can ensure that you can get light shelving and other varying van racking products for your van that can also be interchangeable. Our Syncro system van racking products are designed to outlast your van, therefore, when you desire to swap your old van for a new one, you can remove the van racking system and install it into the new van without any damage to the van or van racking system, making it a great investment.


Mercedes Vito Van Racking Ideas

With over 7000 products to pick from at Van Racking Solutions, how do you go about choosing the products that will be the body of your van racking system? Van Racking Solutions has a portfolio section which showcases a variety of van racking systems that we have previously installed in a Mercedes Vito van. When you enquire into a system that would accommodate your working needs, we will provide you with a free no obligation quote that covers the entire van racking system including the pricing for each product used, so you can take away and add any products that you wish. You don’t have to use these example systems that we have available, you can just use them for inspiration to create your own unique system. Alternatively, tell us your trade, your van and your needs and our design team can ensure that we come up with some perfect designs for your Mercedes Vito van racking system.


Mercedes Vito Van Accessories

To make your Mercedes Vito van accommodate your needs, there are other ways to customise your system without adding any new Vito van shelving. Whichever system that you have installed, there are various Mercedes Vito van accessories that can be incorporated into your van to ensure that your working life with your van is as easy as it can get. From simple hooks and screw holders to a mini system made up of accessories, Van Racking Solutions has a wide range of accessories that all Mercedes Vito vans can benefit from.


Getting your Mercedes Vito Van Racking

Whether you’re after shelving, accessories, lockers or drawers, Van Racking Solutions can provide and install a complete Mercedes Vito van racking system. To book an appointment or for any more information, call us on 01202 797230.