Our Top Tips for your Van Racking Solution

Installing a Van Racking System

Installing a van racking system for your business can save you a lot of money and time. However if necessary precautions aren’t taken then it might just end up costing you more hassle than it’s worth. So we’ve decided to provide you with our top tips to consider when getting van racking fitted to your vehicle.

Don’t Tie Yourself to One Solution

When considering what material to have your vehicle racking system created out of our advice would be to try and stay away from anything that’s made out of wood. The main reason is simply that it takes a lot of effort to transfer it across if you ever changed your vehicle.

Modular metal and plastic van racking systems are generally the go to choice due to them being safer and designed to last the test of time.

A large portion of the best van racking systems come with fixed drawers, a worktop, a vice and a sink. The fact that these systems are modular means that they will take into account the side doors of the vehicle, also if there are times where you work away from the van then there are removable components such as bins.

Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

When considering a van racking system you should always choose one that has been crash-tested by it’s manufacturer. One crucial bit of information that a lot of tradesmen forget about is that the vehicle racking system will add to the weight of the vehicle thereby reducing the total payload you can store.

When calculating how much available payload your vehicle has left the following elements need to be taken into account:

  • Weight of the Racking System
  • Weight of the tools to be stored
  • Total weight of passengers (including the driver)
  • Total weight of a full tank of fuel


This is why many new racking systems contain a large amount of plastic to help reduce the weight of it. Another consideration that must be taken into account is to not overload the racking system itself.

The majority of manufacturers will highlight and make clear the weight capacities of their racking system so make sure to always read the manual where possible.