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Van Racking Solutions tips for planning your racking

A racking project like most things in life needs some thought and planning so you get the most benefit out of it. The complexity or simplicity is entirely dependent on each person’s individual needs and work environment.

Working from the floor upwards is a good place to start.

Floors & Linings – start with a good floor

  • You will need a floor to bolt the racking too which is at least 12mm thick and made from good quality marine grade Birch Ply. See our floor section on the website for alternative floor options
  • Linings help protect the inside of your vehicle. If you select a plastic lining kit not only does it look better but it is easy to keep clean unlike basic plywood lining which cannot be wiped clean.
  • If you are ordering a new vehicle via a dealer and they offer a floor and lining kit via a package – check the floor in particular meets the above requirements it may just save you some money not to have the supplying dealers floor.

Wheel Arches – make the most of this area

  • Think about how to make the best use of this part of the van. We have lots of good ideas and products to maximise the Wheel Arch areas.

How much racking do you need – Shelves, Drawers & Storage

  • Do you need racking both sides or just the one? If only one side is required then the driver’s side is the best option. This gives you more space for racking unless you have twin side doors. For twin sliding doors, have a think about which side will work best for you.
  •  There are numerous useful products that you can have in your racking but broadly speaking its often about Open Shelving for storage flexibility, Drawers for Tools and equipment and open or closed storage units for small parts, components, fixings or stock. Do you need a locker unit for PPE and or equipment?

Do you need a workbench area with a vice or perhaps a pull out or Drop-Down vice?

Accessories – useful and great time savers

  • Accessories like cable reel holders Silicone cartridge holder’s storage aids for long items or even a Hand Washing station can easily go on the end of your racking units for convenience. We have a wide variety of Lashing straps – have a browse in our Accessory store for ideas.

 Electrics – extra lighting & Power

  • Do you need to have power in the back of your van? We can offer everything from extra LED roof lighting which does not require an additional battery to a full electrical system to include an Inverter and supporting power source.

Ladders – inside or on the roof?

  •  Do you need to carry ladders? If you do is that inside the van or externally if inside, we have a sliding internal ladder rack. If externally on the roof we are main dealers for Rhino products.

Vehicle Payload- don’t forget the weight

 Do have a think about the overall payload limit of your van when you are planning your racking. If we are producing a design for you it will show the weight of the racking design within the drawings.

If you would like to sketch out a rough outline and send it over to us as a starting point that’s absolutely fine.