Plastic Van Lining

Do you need plastic van lining to ensure your van looks smart? Van Racking Solutions stocks a great range of van panelling as well as an extensive range of van racking products to ensure you get a van racking system that accommodates all your needs. Call Van Racking Solutions on 01202 797230 to speak to a van racking expert today!


What is Van Lining?

Van lining is protection added to the walls, ceiling, doors and even the floor of your van to help protect the interior and exterior body work, as well as make your van look professional. Here at Van Racking Solutions our van lining, also referred to as panelling, comes pre-cut and pre-drilled to ensure quick and easy installation.


Why Have Van Lining?

Having your van as your own workstation is a great idea if you’re self-employed and work from your van. However, without protection in the form of van lining, your van could get badly damaged from heavy objects and tools being loaded and unloaded. Furthermore, if you leave the inside of your van unprotected, it could easily begin to rust up which can then spread to the outside of your van and before you know it, you need to buy a new van.

Here at Van Racking Solutions we offer polypropylene plastic van lining that can protect the inside of your van from chemical spills, heavy objects and rust to ensure that your van has a longer life. Furthermore, plastic van lining will also ensure that your van holds a better value when you get around to selling it when you’re wanting an upgrade. Lastly, van lining makes the overall look of your van much more appealing as well as professional.


Our Range Of Van Lining

Here at Van Racking Solutions we stock honeycomb polypropylene van lining, as well as two types of metal van lining: anodised aluminium and pre-painted sheet metal.

Honeycomb Polypropylene – This is our fantastic plastic van lining; supplied in 4mm thickness. It’s lightweight and grants enough mechanical properties and impact strength, as well as being nontoxic and complies with EU Regulation No.10/2011 on plastic materials and articles that are intended to come into contact with food.

Pre-Painted Sheet Metal – This 0.8mm gauge sheet metal is electro-zinc plated on both sides with the internal surface coated with a grey finish. It has excellent mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion because of its double protective paint and zinc plating treatments on the external surface, as well as zinc plating on the internal surface.

Adonised Aluminium – This 1.2mm gauge hard alloy aluminium provides the greatest superior protection over conventional crude aluminium. The adonised surface is easy to clean and makes for a pleasing finish. These linings are on average 30% lighter than pre-painted sheet metal alternatives.


Why Choose Van Racking Solutions?

Van Racking Solutions care about our customers; we always strive to make sure that each customer is happy with our services and products. We ensure that we only sell you the highest quality products that won’t break easily, in addition to lasting you the life of your van and longer. From initial enquiry, through to after sales care, Van Racking Solutions will be with you every step of the way and handle any enquiry you may have in a professional manner:

From the first enquiry call I made, regarding converting my Transit Van into my mobile workshop, the whole process was effortless and handled in the most professional way possible.

When you make your enquiry into plastic van lining with us, our team can give you free no-obligation quotes to ensure that you are receiving the best prices in addition to services. Our team have years of experience when it comes creating van racking systems; we can design a system that is most suitable for your van.


What Else Do We Sell at Van Racking Solutions?

In addition to plastic van lining, we also sell:

You can browse through our ranges on our website, alternatively, you can visit our showroom to see the quality of our products.


Contact Van Racking Solutions

To get in touch with Van Racking Solutions, call us on 01202 797230 to speak to one of our specialists about plastic van lining. Additionally, you can visit our showroom in Ferndown Industrial estate where you can view some of our products on offer. Furthermore, if you have any enquiries, you can email them to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our team are all friendly and happy to assist you with your van racking system.