Migi combined compressor generators

Manufactured in Northern Italy. Van Racking Solutions have been their sole UK distribution partner for over Six years. The concept is really simple, it’s about combining a Compressor and Generator into one compact unit.

Why choose Migi?

The benefits are obvious, when space in a vehicle is at a premium, alongside weight considerations. A two into one combination machine makes perfect sense. Migi SRL identified the market opportunity and sourced the best materials and parts. Combined with Migi engineering skills they manufacture machines built to perform in demanding environments. Each machine is built to order and therefore individual customer specification is possible.

Migi is the go to choice for many operators

Van Racking Solutions supply many machines to a wide variety of end users in the UK. Migi is a trusted and essential piece of equipment for Commercial vehicle recovery or repair companies, mobile mechanics, agricultural engineers etc. Machines can either be incorporated within a racking design, or be installed on their own in a suitable space in the vehicle. View the range available in our Migi section and please get in touch for a specific quotation based on your requirements.