Vices & Supports

Vices & Supports

Trade people often need to have the facility of a vice in their vehicles, dependent on individual needs this can be anything from a workbench vice for light work through to something a bit more substantial for heavier engineering requirements. We have a wide range of products available to suit all applications.

Workbench Vice

A range of parallel welded steel vices available with Pipe Jaws and in either 110m or 125mm there is also the option to add a rotating plate to increase the versatility of your vice. A specialist 2” Pipe vice compliments the range

Drop Down Vices

A drop down vice with supporting leg is the choice for those heavier jobs please see both our PM3 and PM4 products for further information. Both these products can be installed as stand alone items in your van or designed into your racking system if you are having a full Syncro racking design produced for you.

Pull Out Vice Support

A vice pull out system is incorporated within a Syncro Ultra racking system, sometimes referred to as a “Slide Out” it is a really useful piece of kit and provides a sturdy and stable work platform for a vice. The body of the Pull Out is manufactured from high strength steel and the work platform from marble finished Birch Ply with Stainless Steel trims. When the Pull out is extended it is simple and fast to lock it off in position to provide you with a highly stable work platform for the vice. This enables you to work safely from outside the vehicle, if you have chosen a rotating plate with your vice then working with long lengths of material is easy. Once the job is complete it is quick and easy to slide the pull out back into position, the protective panel ensures your racking unit is fully protected.

The Pull out vice support is built into a Syncro Ultra racking system, therefore please contact us on either 01202 797230 or email for further information.