Shelves for Vans

Van Racking Solutions can provide you with the best shelves for vans. They are affordable, easy to install and can save you money in the long term whilst reducing your stress levels. Based in Dorset, contact Van Racking Solutions today on 01202 797230 for more information.


Shelving units

Many businesses like self-employed electricians and plumbers, have their base of operations in their mobile vans; having the right equipment is very important. Shelves for vans helps you to store this important equipment in the back of your vans. This helps bring order to what otherwise may be a chaotic setup, which in turn creates a more relaxed environment. You won’t be rummaging through your entire van for your tools and messing it up in the process, as well as wasting valuable time that could be spent on the job making money. Shelves for vans stops this chaos, gives you the time and helps you know where everything is to get on with your job efficiently.


Different Types of Shelves for Vans

There are different ways to kit out your van to meet your needs. One of our most popular and cost effective methods is shelving units with plastic containers. The benefits include:

•    The shelving units can be supplied with oil resistant polypropylene containers which makes them long lasting and easy to adjust
•    They are removable, so you can take the whole shelf of contents with you
•    They’re practical
•    There are 6 models available with varying widths of 21cm, 26cm, 31cm and 35cm

You may have a catering van or need to transport fuel, so you need shelving units for canisters. Van Racking Solutions also supply these to ensure that fuels and oils are safely secured and won’t spill during transit. We also provide shelves for vans with dividers and non-slip mats. These shelves for vans allow for easy access to items, but have the rear end raised to stop items from falling out. To accompany these, our oil resistant rubber mats. The dividers are aluminium which is known for being light. There are no vibrations between the dividers, thanks to the VIBRASTOP system that consists of plastic inserts and you can be supplied with 1-12 dividers depending on the length of the shelves.

Design, Deliver, Install – Van Racking Service

Van Racking Solutions is not just a company that sells van supplies to you, we also design and install our products. You may have an idea of what you would like the interior of your van to look like but can’t quite sketch it down on paper. Talk to us. We will listen to your ideas, discuss and then design a van racking system for you. Once you are happy with the design of the shelves for your van, we are ready to proceed with the products. You can order them yourself through the website, or we can compile the products for you and deliver them right to your door. If you would like to browse some of our products, then we have a show van that has some examples ready to view in Ferndown. Our helpful team can install them for you in a really short 1-2 hours, so you can keep doing what you do best – running your business.


The Right Shelves for Your Van

Van Racking Solutions is known for working with top brands such as:

•    Citroen

•    Fiat

•    Ford

•    Iveco

•    Man

•    Mercedes

•    Nissan

•    Peugeot

•    Renault

•    Vauxhall

•    Volkswagen

Each of these top companies have been very happy to work with us. We have a range of portfolios for many different models for each company. These are easy to view on our website, just click on the manufacturer, scroll through the models and see example work. One of these designs may be the best shelves for your van. Send us a message with the design you like, and we will give you a quote. These designs may also help you with coming up with a new design for shelves for vans; then we can install it for you.


Contact Van Racking Solutions

Van Racking Solutions accepts all enquiries via a submission form on our website. We are also available via email Call 01202 797230 to get it touch with one of our friendly site team for more information. Alternatively, you can get to us in Ferndown industrial site to have a look first hand at our products and services; one of our staff will be happy to show you around and guide you to what you are looking for.