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Merlin split charging with SmartBank remains the best method of split charging for auxiliary batteries. However, on certain Euro 6 vehicles that are also fitted with SRCS (Smart Regenerative Charging Systems) are not compatible. SRCS recovers excess energy from brakes and other rotating parts on the vehicle. The power is delivered in short bursts while braking – often at very high voltage and current.

In order for the chassis battery to accept these bursts, the battery is kept at a low level. The alternator is only employed during sustained periods of higher-current charging. So, in some instances, the voltage is too low for conventional split charging, or, the voltage is too high to safely charge specialist auxiliary AGM/Gel Battery Banks.

The Abso DC-DC Charger is the perfect solution. The unit acts like a battery charger. However, it uses DC power instead of AC power. When the engine is running, the unit will switch on and deliver smooth, regulated power to the auxiliary batteries on board.

The unit is smart enough to know if the engine battery is too low for charging and is not affected by stop-start devices (a real problem for charging when vehicles are driven in congested areas).

Important: Most DC-DC Chargers are rated for their input current at 20 degrees C. This means that, say a 60A charger is only rated at 50A. In use, the output drops further. The Abso units are rated for their output current at 25 degrees.

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