Tradespeople Struggle to park in London!

London tradespeople and van owners are losing up to two working days per year, because of time spent looking to park when attending jobs, according to research by AppyParking+.

The research found that the average London driver spends up to 12 minutes per trip looking for on-street parking spaces, and an extra 2 miles on average per trip looking for parking – an extra 211 miles annually.

London’s van drivers also receive over 838,000 PCN fines per year, costing tradespeople £54,470,000.

Dan Hubert, chief executive officer and founder of AppyWay, parent company to AppyParking+, said: “As van owners continue to move from job to job, parking can sometimes be a real concern, where it is not readily available or located in busy areas.

“The outcome of this time spent not only empties fuel tanks, but it empties pockets as well. Although just a small part of the bigger picture for businesses, spending 1 minute searching for parking instead of 5 minutes can make all the difference.”

Since the start of 2022, fuel prices have risen by 21p per litre in the first three months of the year.