Van Generators

Are you looking for affordable, high-quality van generators? Van Racking Solutions can supply you with the perfect generator for your van in addition to a van racking system that can be integrated seamlessly into any model of van. We have a range of generators and compressors that are available to view on Van Racking Solutions. For help on choosing a van generator, call us on 01202 797230.


Van Generators at Van Racking Solutions

Here at Van Racking Solutions, as well as providing complete Syncro van racking systems for any type of vehicle, we also have a range of MIGI generators available that provide substantial benefits for the operator. The MIGI van generators that we have available are:

If you are unsure what MIGI generator and compressor would be suitable for your van, then our team can help you choose the perfect van generator that takes into consideration your profession and van type.


Why Have a Van Generator?

Having portable van generators can give you the peace of mind that your van can always supply you with power for the business that it transports that needs access to electricity such as workshops and food vans. Our MIGI generators at Van Racking Solutions are designed with the work person in mind that needs transport and handle many different tools. The MIGI van generators are multi-functional machines that save time and effort in the transportation of equipment. This can then save you money on labour costs that are associated with transporting goods and you can get everything finished in less time. These van generators will provide you with your own electricity supply in addition to compressed air that you can use in any occasion.

The generators at Van Racking Solutions will give you everything you need to be fully operational as they provide electricity, pneumatic connections, hoses, cable reels, auxiliary tanks for compressed air, electrical panels to attach to various tools and it can even be used many metres away from your van; everything you need to have a fully operational workshop in your van or even a food van.

Our van generators provide:

  • Clean quality power – You can rest assured that our generators for vans provide clean and quality power for sensitive equipment without there being any power surges or spikes.
  • Portable and lightweight – The MIGI generators as light as possible to ensure that they doesn’t affect the weight capacity of your van too much, therefore, you are able to store more goods and tools. And because the generators are portable you can move them freely.
  • Economical – Our MIGI generators are economical with fuel, therefore, you can rest assured that your fuel will last for a long period of time, saving you money and fewer stops for fuel.
  • Quiet – Our MIGI generators are quieter than conventional generators which provide less disruption to the van workers and customers.


Not Just Generators at Van Racking Solutions

Van Racking Solutions can not only provide you with the highest quality van generators, but we can also provide you with a complete Syncro van racking system. This van racking system can be any combination of products that you would like such as drawers, shelving, lockers, metal tool cases and many more products. You can also choose from varying lengths and sizes to accommodate the size of your van and your individual needs. Our experts can provide and install the perfect van racking system for you.


Getting a Generator For Your Van

If you’re interested in getting van generators to provide you with a fully equipped workshop in the back of your van, then look no further than the MIGI generators available at Van Racking Solutions. Give us a call on 01202 797230 and we can recommend the perfect generator for your van.