Van shelving ideas

What do you carry in your van?

Van shelving ideas that help to solve storage problems, read this blog post to discover the options available.

Shelving for vans can be down just one side of the vehicle or both depending on requirements. If you need to transport bulky items rail and straps fitted in the van can make the task much easier. View our rail and straps range to view load securing products that are quick and easy to install.

What Length and Depth Shelving would you like?

We can configure shelving units either the entire length of the van or up to the wheel arch covers if you want to keep the rear load area clear. Depths available are 210,260,310,360 or 410mm. Think about how many rows of shelving you need and also the height in between each shelf. Syncro racking is modular so the shelves can be spaced in increments of 36mm providing maximum flexibility. If you need to move a row of shelving up or down within its racking section, this can be done easily. Each shelf has a 72mm lip at the front and a high back plate of 180mm to ensure items do not slip off the shelf.

Manufactured from high strength steel and supplied with anti slip rubber mats. Shelves are supplied with anodised lightweight dividers which can be re-positioned to create individual storage areas.

What do you need at floor level?

It is perfectly possible to have open shelving at floor level, however some customers prefer to have open storage. Choose between a completely open section or a low level plinth to make the area a bit more usable. Ask us about adding some straps across the front to help keep things in place. A covered floor level storage area is a popular choice to create an enclosed space.

For lengthy items that need to be stored, an extendible top tray across the top of the racking is useful. For the larger items like vacuums, store them at floor level, and add in some retaining straps and or plinth to reduce movement in transit. Larger items or materials can be secured with the help of some rail and cargo straps on the bulkhead to make efficient use of space. Ladders can be accommodated either in the van or externally on the roof.

View an example of shelving

View a great example of a van shelving system that we installed for a customer.

If you would like to add some other products to enhance your system then take a look at our handy Racking products guide. We have a very experienced design team who can offer suggestions and advice to solve most storage problems.

Ready to buy racking units delivered to your door

If you need a simple quick solution, we have some basic pre-designed racking units ready to go, simply select from the links below, add to the shopping basket we will deliver it flat packed to your door in 48 hours. These single units are suitable for medium or large vans.

Need some accessories?

Ask us for a CAD Drawing

For a bespoke shelving solution ask us to create a CAD drawing so you can view what it will look like in your van. Check out our design services and get in touch with the Van Racking Solutions team. Telephone us at 01202 797230 or email [email protected]