Van Storage Systems

Looking for a way to optimise your work experience with your van? Van Racking Solutions are your van storage systems experts; providing the perfect way to enhance any working van or vehicle. We have van storage systems for a range of different manufacturers and model of van, therefore, there is a system available for everyone, not matter your trade or vehicle. Call us today on 01202 797230 to receive a free no-obligation quote for the van racking system you desire!


What are Van Storage Systems?

Van storage systems are the van racking and accessory systems that you have installed within your van. These systems go a long way to improving your working life when using your mobile work van. There are some set systems available, however there will be no set van storage system that works for everyone, as everyone has different needs, styles, trades and vans. To create your van storage system, you could use a variety of:

With there being infinite possibilities of van storage systems available, how do you create your own system?


Consider Your Trade

Whether you’re a carpenter, electrician, plumber, builder or another trade that commonly uses a work van, you’ve got to have a van storage system that is suitable for your line of work. Take a look inside your van at all the tools and items that you have inside, what van racking components would they look good in? What would you feel comfortable using and storing your tools in? There are many different ideas out there; check out our ideas for plumbers, carpenters and electricians to help you decide.


Size of your Van

Before you start purchasing components of van storage systems, measure up your van. It’s all too common to find something that is perfect for you, but you realise that it won’t fit when you’ve already purchased it. Sketch out your van, provide accurate measurements and take them to your local van racking experts. You can find our showroom conveniently located in Ferndown, however, if you want to stick to online, we have a portfolio section for 11 different brands of van with numerous models showcased; here, you can see a range of van storage systems that have been configured for each size and model of van. Take a look and you might find a van storage system that suits you.



As with anything, budget has a large role to play in what you buy. Carefully go through your finances and set up a budget with room for leeway. Once you’ve got your budget in place, prioritise what you need as you want to get the most important components first. If your budget runs out before you’ve got a complete system, then maybe we can help. Van Racking Solutions caters to all budget ranges; simply tell us your budget and what you’re after and we’ll design a complete system for you.


Are you likely to Change your Van or Trade?

There is a variety of different van storage systems available and many can be put off by the prospect as their equipment or van is changing frequently. If this sounds like you, then you’re better off getting a system that can be interchangeable. Here at Van Racking Solutions, we have the Syncro system available. This system allows you to choose from any products and a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Additionally, these systems can be removed from one van and placed into another without any damage to the van or the system! It’s also simple to add and take away products from the system any time that you wish; meaning that a van racking system can be a great investment for anyone.


Getting your Van Storage System

So, you’ve done your research into van storage systems, you know it’ll benefit you greatly, now you just need to get your van storage system. Van Racking Solutions is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their best with their van. If you’d like our assistance in receiving the best system for your specific needs, call us on 01202 797230 today!