Exploring van tool cases

Van tool cases also known as parts or service cases are one of the most popular products that are included in a racking system. In this Blog post we explore why you might need them. what is available and where you might like to store them in your van.

Why do I need tool cases?

This is really dependant on what type of trade/industry the user operates within, generally speaking they are sought after by –

  • Mobile mechanics and recovery service van operators
  • Plumbing & heating engineers
  • Electricians & contractors
  • Agricultural engineers
  • Air conditioning engineers
  • Aviation service vans
  • Catering
  • Drainage
  • Locksmith

These are of course only examples there are no hard and fast rules. Moving onto the why part – van tool cases are basically the trades persons equivalent of a briefcase. First and foremost  they enable the user to store small items safely, neatly and securely. Secondly they are easy to transport and take to the job. Tools, parts and components are often expensive and in a busy working van can easily be misplaced, lost or worst still stolen. Kept securely in a designated case you know where things are. Visually spot items easily and see if its not where it should be, that saves time and potentially money.

What are the options available?

A quick internet search will reveal a wide range of different types of cases, have a think about if you want them made from metal or plastic. If choosing plastic make sure that its an impact resistant plastic. Low cost plastic cases are ok for DIY use but just not strong enough for trade use. Metal cases are strong and sturdy but again buyer beware of low price ones as they will dent and scratch with daily use.

What do you want to store?

Smaller tools can be stored safely in tool cases, consider the size of the tools you wish to store and the depth of the case you choose. Tool case dividers are available to create segregated areas within each case. Parts, fixings and components are often better stored in cases so its easy to see what you have and helps to avoid overstocking which especially with expensive parts can become costly. High quality cases are often supplied with colour coded mini trays making identification much easier. If you carry lots of small parts choose a case with a foam insert in the lid as this will provide additional protection to valuable parts.

Where can they go in my van?

Depends on what you want to achieve really and the number and type of cases you have. Think about how you work with the cases, if stacking cases make sure you choose products that are stackable and then perhaps consider some rail and straps to secure them in transit. For integration into a van racking system there are lots of options. Van Racking Solutions offer shelves that will accommodate most sizes and types of tool cases. If you prefer to store cases upright then there are case secure systems available that easily secure van tool cases.

If having a completely new racking design then you have the luxury of perhaps deciding you would like your van tool case system positioned near to the side door. This means you don’t have to get inside the van to reach a case. Stack of service cases on slide out shelving is easily achievable and will help make the van much easier to work with.

I need some ideas to help me decide what’s right for me

No problem, we have included some links below which will take you straight to the relevant section on our website. We will show you van tool cases you can buy from our web shop and also examples of racking designs that include service case options.