Vehicle Racking

Vehicle racking is a great system to have installed within any van that is used as a mobile workplace. Here at Van Racking Solutions, we specialise in designing, supplying and installing complete van racking systems for a wide range of vans and workman trades. Call us on 01202 797230 for more information or to receive a free no-obligation quote on the van racking system that you desire.


What is Vehicle Racking?

Vehicle racking also known as van racking, is a shelving and storage system that is incorporated into your van. These systems are built for vans that are frequently used for workspaces and are commonly used by electricians, carpenters and plumbers to provide their tools and products with an organisation system.


Benefits of Vehicle Racking

Every working van should have a van racking system built inside that caters to the workmen that use it. Vehicle racking is proven to provide great organisation to a van which increases the productivity of workers resulting in better profitability.


Vehicle racking provides a secure place for the contents of your van, ensuring that when you’re on the move items and tools won’t become lose and misplace themselves. This results in fewer tools and items getting damaged in transit, meaning less money is spent on replacements, increasing profitability.

How many times do you judge a book by its cover? Judging something or someone on a first impression is common human nature which applies to a van too. When customers meet you and see the inside of your van, they often think that it says a lot about you and the work you provide. With this logic, if you have a messy van, what do you think this says about you to your potential customers? With a vehicle racking system in place, a messy van can become a memory of the past. When customers see your organised van, they’re much more likely to use your services.

Do you commonly begin the day in a stressed state after looking everywhere for items you need? Even when the item in question has been found, that feeling of stress can linger for a long time and it distracts your focus from the task at hand. This is common amongst workmen when they’re on a tight schedule but can’t find the tool they’re looking for. With vehicle racking in place, all that stress that hits you at the beginning of your day can be lifted and a stress-free day increases staff motivation.

Vehicle racking is a great investment as it can greatly increase the profitability of your business through a variety of ways.


Racking at Van Racking Solutions

Here at Van Racking Solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone finds the right solution to their vehicle racking. We have a team of expert designers that will listen to your needs and wants and will create a van racking system for you, irrespective of your budget.

We have the Syncro system available with us which allows the customer to create a van racking system that is completely tailored to them; you can choose any combination of vehicle racking products in addition to a choice of varying sizes and lengths to build a perfect system for your van and trade. Our van racking systems are also interchangeable, meaning that when you get a new van, you can remove your existing racking system and transfer it to your new van without any damage to the system or the van.

If you need any van racking ideas, visit our portfolio for a selection of sample work installed in a variety of different van makes and models.


Getting your Van Racking System

If you want to better your business, then getting a van racking system in place is a good way to start. Visit our showroom in Dorset or call us on 01202 797230 for any assistance that you need. We look forward to hearing from you and providing and installing a van racking system that is tailored to you and your business needs.