Vivaro Racking

Van Racking Solutions stock all the Vivaro racking that you may need for your van. We stock shelves, drawers, accessories and even flooring to give you a complete system for your mobile business. We can also design this entire system for you, regardless of any budget that you may have. Call us on 01202 797230 for more information on all the products we have to offer.


Personalised Vivaro Racking

Van Racking Solutions is a great supplier of van racking systems and van flooring. We have over 7000 products on show to give you a unique Vauxhall Vivaro racking system that works efficiently. All our products are tested and manufactured to the highest standards, therefore you can rest assured that they won’t fall apart or break on you. Additionally, we offer competitive prices to ensure that we can install a system for you irrespective of budget. Furthermore, Van Racking Solutions can design an entire system for you! We can design the entire system from scratch, or you can help design it with us using inspiration from other Vauxhall Vivaro racking systems. Our customers always receive these services:

Van Racking Solutions has a very good range of van racking and accessories that are tested to the highest standard at competitive rates. The team work with you to make sure all criteria is met when designing and installing the perfect system for your needs.

Customers from all over come to us to receive competitive prices on their personalised van racking systems.


Best Van Racking Design Services

Van Racking Solutions is proud to offer a personalised design service that is catered individually to each customer. Don’t worry if money is tight; luckily Van Racking Solutions stocks a vast range of products to cater for all kinds of budgets to ensure you get your van racking system. Our fully skilled staff have decades of experience when it comes to your Vivaro racking system; they have dealt with different manufacturers such as:

When we design a system for you, we give you a detailed report of all the products used including their prices and weight. This report is of no obligation; you can change anything you want at any time. Having a detailed report also shows you whether you want to add or take away products depending on the total weight or price of the van racking system.


Why Choose Van Racking Solutions?

Here at Van Racking Solutions, we like to take care of each customer we receive. Every person is different along with the needs that they have for their vans, which is why Van Racking Solutions will give every person an individual, tailored approach. We will be friendly and listen to everything that you need for your Vauxhall Vivaro racking system to ensure you get exactly what you want.

We offer free no obligation quotes that include design, allowing you to have a think and compare the prices of other companies. However, we know that you will find Van Racking Solutions to be the best prices.

Van Racking Solutions make sure we are with you every step of the way; from initial consultation, to after sales care. During the process we will keep you updated on any changes or prices that needs to be updated, therefore we will get your approval before we go ahead. We will never throw in any hidden fees or costs onto your final bill.

Furthermore, getting your van racking system installed with us only takes one hour! This allows you to have your van back in no time to be able to resume your work.

Finally, Van Racking Solutions will give you aftercare advice and support; we will inform you the best way to handle the care of your new system, in addition to support if you are unhappy with any aspect of the system.


Contact Van Racking Solutions

To get in touch with your Vivaro racking provider, call Van Racking Solutions on 01202 797230 to arrange a free, no obligation quote for your van racking system. Additionally, Van Racking Solutions can be contacted via email on All our staff are friendly and happy to assist you with enquiries that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you to provide you with a unique van racking system.