VW Caddy Van Shelving

Did you know that van racking and shelving has been proven to increase efficiency and profits of tradesmen that use their van as a mobile workshop? Which is why if you own a VW Caddy and use your van as a mobile workshop you should invest in VW Caddy van shelving. Here at Van Racking Solutions, we specialise in creating, supplying and installing van racking for VW Caddy’s of all trades and budgets. With van shelving in place in your VW Caddy, you can be sure to be less stressed, more organised, have more spare time and ultimately, increase your profits. Call us on 01202 797230 to get a free no-obligation quote for a van shelving system.


Professional VW Caddy Van Shelving from Van Racking Solutions

Here at Van Racking Solutions, we can design a van shelving system that is specifically designed for your VW Caddy. The VW Caddy is small and slimline but that shouldn’t stop you from having a van racking system in place.
The VW Caddy van shelving that we provide is durable, lightweight, crash tested and helps you retain maximum load space. In addition to providing you with a specially designed system, our experienced team can professionally install your complete system for you within 2 hours, ensuring that you get to enjoy your new van shelving system as soon as today!


Get more out of your VW Caddy

If you have a VW Caddy, you want to maximise the small space that you have available. Many tradesmen will buy a new van when their business gets too big for their VW Caddy but with van shelving, you don’t have to! As with most types of spaces, you can fit more into your van when there are van storage systems in place. With VW Caddy van shelving, you can effectively store your tools and goods upwards, giving you more free space to walk around in. This allows you to make the most out of your VW Caddy.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you still need convincing to buy van shelving for your VW Caddy, then perhaps these frequently asked questions will help.

I Plan on Buying a New Van in a Year, is Van Racking Worth it?

Many people wait to buy van shelving until they’ve got a brand-new van. Whilst this is ok, you’re missing out on valuable time where you could be earning more profits. By purchasing VW Caddy van shelving from Van Racking Solutions, you can have a van racking system that is interchangeable; you can remove the system from one van and transfer it to another without any damage to the vans or the system.

How does Van Racking Save you Money?

By having a van racking system in place, you can save money because:

  • An organised system in place saves time when searching for tools, meaning more time is spent on the job.
  • Your tools will be protected in organised compartments and shelving, meaning they will not ‘clang’ together and will deteriorate at a slower rate, reducing the frequency of when tools need replacing.
  • Your van will be protected from scrapes and damage from tools, increasing the life of your van.
  • Your tools can be securely locked away in lockers or underneath a VW Caddy false floor, reducing the chance of theft.
  • A van racking system creates a great first impression, increasing the likelihood of securing customers.

VW Caddy shelving can save you up £11,000 over 5 years!

Can I get a Pre-Made System?

There is no set system available, we design and create systems that tailor to every tradesman and each van. However, we have a portfolio section of examples that we have previously installed into VW Caddy’s, and you can request to have some or all the features incorporated into your van. We also have a variety of VW Caddy accessories, so you can personalise the system.

Can I get a Budget Van Racking System?

Van racking doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. Van Racking Solutions takes pride in being able to cater to large budget ranges. If your budget is low, a few storage options and accessories can go a long way in providing organisation.

What if my Van Racking Needs Change?

As previously mentioned, our van racking systems are interchangeable between vans. If your trade or your needs change, then you can always add or take away components because we build a modular system. The modular system allows you to have any combination of products, in addition to varying sizes of products, so you don’t need to worry about being stuck with one system.


Receiving your VW Caddy Van Shelving

If you’re looking for VW Caddy van shelving, then you won’t find a better company than Van Racking Solutions. We will design, supply and install a complete system for you. Call us today on 01202 797230 and we will transform your VW Caddy.