Crew cab van racking ideas

Crew cab or double cab versions of panel vans have always been a popular choice. In recent years at VRS we have seen the number of trades people choosing the crew cab option increasing, which is not that surprising really. Sole traders used to have to purchase two vehicles one for work and then a family friendly car for personal use. With the crew cab variant running two vehicles is no longer necessary, the cost savings are obvious plus space saved on the driveway at home.

Van manufacturers have up specced vehicles rapidly over recent years and tech that was once only available on top of the range models is now standard across the model portfolio. Purchasers that go large from the optional extras list can be driving a van with many of the creature comforts normally associated with a high spec car. The extra row of seats in the crew cab models actually gives you more passenger space than many family cars! The traditional crew cab van was originally designed to accommodate numerous work team colleagues which of course it still can but the family nowadays is fully catered for.

Racking for crew and double cab vans

It is of course possible for crew cab vans to be fully racked out in the same way as a panel van, you just have a little less space to play with and don’t have the side door access facility. Reduced space means careful planning, consider storing things used less frequently at the bulkhead end. Plan to store must have tools and fittings closer to the rear doors to save having to get into the van as much. Tool parts or service cases are a great option and for fixings choose either lin bins or transparent drawers. End of racking units are ideal for van racking accessories. Trades that need to have a vice and working platform benefit from a space saving slide out vice set up.

View examples of a crew cab design in a Transit Custom or VW Transporter

To view a simple but effective design in a crew cab follow the link and for a VW Transporter crew cab design for a Plumbing & Heating customer check out this design

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Image by Freepik