What Is Van Racking Installation?

Racking installation is where the project starts to come together. Our team will already have checked your stock order to make sure all components are ready for the install and we will have provided you with a booking in date. When your vehicle arrives with us on site we visually inspect your vehicle and give you a copy of the checking in form.

Our installation team will already have viewed your racking design and assembled the racking units, this means the amount of time your vehicle is in our workshop is minimised as much as possible. The first part of the install is normally the floor and any lining kits you have specified, if we are installing electrics then some cable routing is often done at this point in the build process. The assembled racking units are then offered up into the vehicle measured and checked for positioning in accordance with the design and secured safely into place. Each installed component is checked that it functions correctly and complies to the manufacturers specification. Final checks are carried out including a short test drive to ensure there are no annoying creaks or rattles when the van is in motion.

We will already have arranged with you when your vehicle will be ready for collection.When you arrive with us we will present the vehicle to you transformed from when you last saw it! run through operation of any products we have installed and answer any questions you may have. A final check out of the vehicle to ensure its in exactly the same condition as when we received it,complete any final paperwork, then you are good to go.

What Are The Benefits?

The majority of our customers opt in for us installing racking for them, the benefits are numerous. We do appreciate though that for some projects, customers are happy to fit racking themselves. Please do ask for our advice regarding self-fitting we are always happy to assist.

How does it work?

Step 1

Get In Touch

Contact us on 01202 797230 or complete the contact form below, we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

Step 2

What would you like to be installed?

Normally a combination of telephone conversations and emails so we can find out a bit more about what you need then we can send you a design and quote for review.

Step 3

Project progress & installation date

Once you are happy with everything and have given us the go ahead we can advise on how long your install will take to be completed.

Our Previous Work

We often get the opportunity with the help of a customer to write a case study. This means we can focus closely on a particular customers problem and write about how we went about solving it for them. Installation is the final stage and our planning helps minimise down time for the customer, have a read of some examples below….

  • Returning customer had chosen a different van manufacturer but wanted to keep same racking design as it works so well for their business, was this possible? Absolutely, we also managed to save the customer some money on this build find out how.......

  • Busy service vans need to carry lots of tools and equipment, knowing how to efficiently store them to maximise the van space is how we help our customers. Read this case study with pictures and a description to discover more. If we can help you organise your van space then we would love to hear from you.

  • Do you operate a service van? Would you like a new racking system but don't want to replace your tool chest? Are you fed up with an untidy van that is difficult to work with? Do you need a comprehensive electrical system to provide power? answer yes to any of these questions then this case study with its extended picture gallery is for you!

What Our Clients Say

“VRS were outstanding in their service, they took us through the full design process tailoring every square inch of space in the vans to fit our needs. Nothing was too much trouble even when we made last minute changes. The electrical work that was also installed making the vans completely capable of every task we throw at it. Absolutely planning on coming back to VRS! Thank you Ashley and the team.”
Swish Fibre – Buckinghamshire

Mo Bhanot, Swish Fibre Limited

“I purchased a new Peugeot Expert in 2017 and was looking for something extra special to line and floor it. Van racking solutions didn’t disappoint. Very friendly service by a very professional team offering great advice and product knowledge. I’ve had many comments from impressed customers stating it’s a great advert for my job. I would always and have recommended Van Racking Solutions to many. A very satisfied Paul Henville.”
Paul Henville – Ferndown

Paul Henville, Ferndown

“Van racking solutions were professional from the start to finish, great product highly recommended. They have fitted out several vans and we will return.”
Canford Drains – Wimborne

Adrian, Canford Drains

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