If you’ve never seen racking before, or if you’re not sure what products you need, then this guide is for you. Our van racking products guide is designed to showcase the most popular products included in a racking design, all in a fast and easily digestible format. By the end of this racking guide, you’ll be able to identify what each product looks like, what it is made from and why you might choose to install it. If any of the products included in this guide interest you, you can also browse and purchase them from the shop links provided, or you can contact our friendly team for a no obligations chat about your racking requirements. Let’s get started then!

  1. Extendable Top Tray – The Extendable Top Tray is a useful addition for the top of any racking system. With its hinged end flap, it is simple to access the tray and load in your pipework, conduit, or other longer and difficult to store items.
  2. Transparent Drawers – Ideal for safe storage of smaller parts or components. Available in drawer or tilt bin style contents can be viewed easily without having to open the unit.
  3. Paper Towel Holder – Useful addition to a working van available in two sizes. We also have available a water carrier with tap and soap dispenser to create a wash station facility.
  4. Tool or Parts Cases – Service Cases are ideal for parts, components, or tools and are available in a variety of different sizes either with or without colour coded insert trays to help keep everything organised. These sturdy metal cases can be designed into our racking systems on a fixed or pull-out shelf.
  5. Locker Unit – Locker Units are ideal for storing PPE or other items that need to be locked away out of sight. Available in several different heights and depths, either with or without shelves. Each locker has a venting panel to the rear and is supplied with two keys.
  6. Workbench – Add a Workbench easily into your racking design to create a useful workspace and turn your van into a workshop.
  7. Steel Drawers – Drawers are the ideal solution for storing tools and or parts. Sturdily built with steel ball-bearing guides and supplied with removable mats and dividers. Drawers are available in a wide variety of widths, depths, and heights to suit individual requirements.
  8. Securing Straps – Comprehensive range of straps either ratchet or buckle in various lengths ideal for securing items in a vehicle.
  9. Small Parts Storage – Transparent Storage units can be either traditional drawer style or Tilt bin style. Supplied with dividers to help keep components in their own partitioned area if required there are a wide variety of sizes available.
  10. Cable Holder – Choose from three different sizes to help store cable or hoses in your van.
  11. Storage Bins – Open Lin Bin style plastic storage containers can be easily lifted off the shelf and taken on-site if required and enable you to see stock levels easily. Supplied in a variety of sizes and with metal dividers, they are a popular addition to a racking installation.
  12. Accessory Storage – Accessories are some of the most useful products you can add to your racking system not only to make life easier but also makes great use of the end of your racking. Choose between a wide variety of accessories. We have everything you are likely to need from a Silicone Cartridge Holder to a Hand Washing System and a whole lot more!
  13. Open Shelves – Open Shelves usually feature in most racking designs as they offer maximum flexibility for storing a wide variety of items. Supplied with removable mats and dividers so you can create different sized partitioned areas if required.
  14. Covered Storage Areas – Adding a lockable lift-up cover makes great use of the wheel arch area in your van to securely store items or of course can be designed into other areas of your racking system.