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About the project

Mercedes Sprinter racking system

Mercedes Sprinter racking system for a commercial vehicle recovery business. Van Racking Solutions is proud of the number of recovery vans we get ready for the road, because we like helping our customers prepare vehicles for their working lives. We enjoy working closely with our customers to develop the solutions they need to achieve the very best van layout. A carefully planned racking design helps make the working day less stressful and saves valuable time.

This project highlights how it is possible to integrate a compressor and a generator into a single space saving machine, have a comprehensive racking system on both sides of the van, and get a full auto electrical installation as part of our one stop shopping solution.

Products we used for the racking installation

The VRS installation team started this build with a full polypropylene lining kit, lighter than ply and easy to wipe clean. They are the modern alternative to standard ply kits.

Driver’s side and bulkhead racking products

A strong feature of this build is the L-shaped wraparound workbench, underneath the bulkhead section is a steel drawer and the Migi compressor generator occupies the rest of the space at floor level. Moving down the driver’s side the workbench continues from the bulkhead, to almost halfway down the van, creating a generous sized working area. All the storage at floor level is covered, and features lift up covered sections. Covered storage means the space can be used effectively and equipment is hidden away.

Storage for tools products

Fourteen steel drawers feature on the drivers’s side with a good mix of depths and widths. All sized tools can be stored away safely and securely helping to achieve an organised van. Steel ball bearing guides on each drawer ensures that heavy tools can be easily stored.

At the end of the racking is a waist height lockable locker, supplied with two shelves, making it the ideal storage area for PPE. An engineer’s style drop-down vice is positioned on the end of the racking, with a drop-down supporting leg and work platform. The platform is a tough piece of kit capable of handling heavy duty jobs that require a vice. The upper part of the driver’s side is a mixture of open shelving units with a full length top tray running the length of the van. Top trays feature a hinged end flap; therefore loading longer items is a piece of cake!

Passenger side racking products

With plenty of tool storage in drawers on the driver’s side, the passenger side focuses on everything else that needs to be stored, in a commercial roadside recovery van. The covered storage facility over the wheel arch area helps make this a usable space. Nine lift off the shelf service cases on this side; each has twenty three colour-coded plastic insert trays per case. These handy little containers mean it is easy to store small parts and components neatly. Large parts are taken care of with the ten high capacity euro crates, positioned above the service cases. There are an additional nine medium capacity lin bins running across the top level.

Carrying multiple fuel and oil cans is a prerequisite for roadside recovery vans, but they can be tricky to store and there is always the chance of spillage. We installed two stainless steel leak proof trays with a clamping system, so fuel cans don’t move around in transit, any spills will be contained in the drip tray.

Dont forget the accessories

Once we have helped plan the racking system it is time to accessorise, and make sure every inch of space is used efficiently. This racking design has rail and straps added at the end of the racking for gas bottles, a long items holder near the side door and a cable hose holder on the rear door. Space is allocated for a hose reel next to the Migi compressor generator at the bulkhead end of the van.

Mercedes Sprinter racking system auto electrical installation

We offer specialised auto electrical services, our auto electrical designer is passionate about specifying the correct components to power the vehicle. This build has a designated electrical cupboard housed in one of our small lockers.  It is an art to get all that cabling looking neat, make sure you check out the pictures in the image gallery.

We fitted front and rear amber beacons, LED work lights and extra internal lighting to ensure the van operator has the best lighting they can have. A 2000W inverter is provided onboard with a 24V system. Two leisure batteries support the electrical system with all the necessary low power protection. We also fitted a trailer tester which is positioned at the passenger side door. The electrics are housed in a designated locker cupboard on the driver’s side; check out the image of how much attention to detail goes into making the wiring look neat.

Space and weight saving Migi combined compressor generator

Recovery service vans need to have an air compressor and generator facility as part of their essential equipment. Problem is that both pieces of kit can be heavy and take up a lot of space. With vehicle payloads increasingly being pushed to their limits anything that saves on space and weight has to be worth a closer look. That is exactly what this customer did and decided the VRS solution of a Migi 502UK petrol machine ticked all the boxes.

Mercedes Sprinter racking system design highlights

Polypropylene lining kit | wraparound work bench | steel drawers | covered storage areas | lockable locker | service cases | euro crates | lin bins | electrics cupboard | internal lighting | external beacons | work lights | 2000w inverter | 24V system | low power protection | trailer tester | Migi compressor generator

The End Result

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