Project Ref: LAP001

About The Project

Project required us to provide Mercedes Sprinter van racking for a motorsport customer. Because we worked closely with the customer during the design process, we anticipated and solved the potential equipment storage problems for this unique build.

Bulkhead has a simple but functional workbench with a wide steel drawer below. Working area is available without the need to open the rear doors. On the passenger’s side there is covered storage over the wheel arch area with a couple of drawers above, plus two useful parts cases on slide out shelves. Remaining space enjoys flexible open shelving, some of which utilises a simple, but effective method for storing and supporting the spare Kart tyres and wheels. Drivers side benefits from a workbench to the rear and thirteen steel drawers of mixed depths below the bench for tool storage. Above the bench is high level and covered storage. Floor level area is open to accommodate spare kart engines that are carried onboard. Remaining space gets more open shelving some of which accommodates additional spare tyres.

Problem Solving

We needed to overcome the storage problem for the two racing karts that travel to each event. Problem was solved by using telescopic poles, supported by rail on the floor and the roof of the van with retaining straps. Telescopic poles can be quickly removed when not in use, the end result is a flexible storage system that ticks the customers boxes.

Design Highlights | Smart design techniques to overcome specific storage problems | 12mm replacement resin floor finished in Marble Grey | Full Polyethylene lining kit | Bulkhead workbench | Multiple Steel drawers | Flexible open shelving | Parts cases | Workbench to rear | High level covered storage area | Highly flexible Telescopic poles

The End Result

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