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Syncro System

The Client and Their Brief

About VLC Engineering

Mercedes Sprinter racking for VLC Engineering.  Based in Bristol and established for fifteen years. Because the business has grown at a rapid rate the owner told us he had to scale back  advertising as was struggling to keep up with all the work. A fast-growing business is something to be immensely proud of, however the sheer volume of work coming in can often mean little time to be able to organise everything that needs to be done. The business specialises in working with a variety of garages and repairs, servicing garage equipment, MOT bays and ramps.

Why VLC wanted to work with us

VLC Engineering contacted us early in 2022 and were inspired to connect with us . because one of his best customers not only has an identical vehicle to VLC but the van operator had his van racked by us the year before. The owner told us that he has owned many vans over the years but had never had a professional racking system installed. VLC knew it needed to be done but had just not had the time to sort it out properly. Jim was fed up with having no available floor space and as a result of the mess had to climb over tools and equipment to get to what he needed. Leading to breaking or damaging expensive things in the process, because the van was unorganised.

mercedes sprinter racking with ladder storage in roof

The Solution

VLC knew what they wanted, and very keen to maximise the space available keeping the central floor area clear. VRS set about creating a comprehensive racking design with a drawer storage unit on the bulkhead to store and organise tools. Our racking designers included a large quantity of open storage bins, meaning small parts and components can be stored and stock levels seen instantly.

Racking units for the Passengers and Drivers sides, included as many open storage bins as possible for storage of parts. In total we managed to include a total of 61 Lin Bins of assorted sizes. We found room to include four tool cases for safe storage of small delicate parts or tools. Flexible open shelving and storage areas with lift up covers provided storage for larger difficult to store items.

Using the roof space

The finishing touch to the design was a 2700mm internal sliding ladder rack because it is good use of roof space and solves the problem of where to store those ladders.

The End Result

What The Client Said

On completion of the racking install we were delighted to hear that when Jim opened the rear doors, he was absolutely thrilled with what he saw and could not wait to get started on arranging everything how he wanted it to be. There was even enough room left to add a couple of accessories at the rear of the racking. Jim now finds working much easier because he knows where everything is and no longer wastes time looking for tools.

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