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About The Project

Underfloor racking system for Vivaro

Vauxhall Vivaro service van racking, at VRS we get to work on many exciting racking installs and this one is no exception. We install lots of underfloor kits but a set up that makes use of both side doors is a little rarer.

What did the customer want to achieve?

This van will be used as a service van, often on site and working on fairly high tec equipment. It is important for the technician to be able to access a variety of tools, components and equipment quickly and easily. Under Floor drawers with their huge capacity and ease of access are the ideal choice, then we added racking on top of the raised floor for the drivers side. View the pictures and read all about the project in this case study.

Products we used

Four under floor drawers, two to the rear and one for each side door are the highlight of this build. Making great use of space in a small or medium sized van is always important. It can be tricky to achieve the right balance between great racking storage whilst still leaving adequate load space.Problem solved with this racking system! Check out the length and depth of those drawers, you really can pack a lot into them. Organising your equipment is made so much easier with the removable aluminium dividers and anti slip mats. Steel ball bearing guides provides up to 100KG weight capacity.

A raised false floor is part of an underfloor drawer kit and constructed from 12mm marine grade ply with a resin coating and marble grey finish. Anti slip and easy to keep clean it provides a strong and stable surface area.

Do you need to store small ladders?

Not a need for this project however if you do need to solve this problem and are having underfloor drawers there is a handy solution available. Swap out one drawer for a carcase and you have an underfloor space to store a small set of ladders. We have added an image of this product in the image gallery, take a peek to see if it solves your ladder storage problem.

Raised floor racking

From the rear door at raised floor level, a section of open storage with a case secure system. Easily store parts or service cases in this area, the clamp and strap secures them in place quickly. Next level up features classic and flexible open shelving, supplied with removable mats and dividers. Above the shelves are five lift off the shelf lin bins, ideal storage for components. A extendible top tray with hinged access end flap provides storage for longer difficult to store items.

Reverse racking

Customer wanted to block off the drivers side door so we reversed the racking for them to provide quick and easy access from outside the van. Reversed racking section features two steel drawers of varying depths perfect for quick access to tools. A plastic Galaxy case on a slide out shelf supplied with coloured coded mini trays is the ideal home for small components and fixings. The remaining space in this area gets open shelving.

Hand wash station

Build is completed with those easily overlooked accessories, which for this Vivaro racking system features a 10 ltr water carrier with gravity fed tap, steel water carrier holder and retaining strap. Positioned above the hand washing unit is a paper towel holder with rain cover.

Design Highlights

Customer specified bespoke design | four way underfloor drawer system | raised resin 12mm false floor | Case secure system | lin bin storage | open shelving units | extendible top tray | parts case | tool drawers | van racking accessories | picture gallery | Video walk through -talk through

The End Result

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