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Van Racking for Refrigeration

Van racking for refrigeration customers, at VRS we have a lot of experience working with refrigeration engineers racking systems. Finding a home for tools and equipment within a racking setup is important. Nobody wants to work in an untidy van, it can be stressful having to search around for what you need, and expensive equipment can easily get lost or damaged.

Storage for gas bottles, pipework, parts, and consumables are all items we regularly get asked to accommodate. Send a list of what you need to store, we will put our thinking caps on!

Van racking for refrigeration case studies

Viewing solutions we provided for other refrigeration engineers’ vans can be helpful, view a selection of completed projects in words and pictures.

Need further inspiration?

View our handy product guide info-graphic it illustrates some of the most popular products in a racking design.

Van racking CAD design service

As soon as we have an understanding of what is needed, we create a CAD design and send it for review. Based on your feedback we can then adjust as required. Find out more about racking design services.

Auto electrical services for onboard power

We have an Auto Electrical Engineer as part of our team, if you need onboard power for tools, equipment, or additional lighting, we can help specify the correct products. Discover more about auto electrics design service.

The next step is to get in touch with us

Our design services are free and without obligation. Contact us by telephone at 01202 797230 or email [email protected] we will be in touch to see how we can help.

Please note, all VRS products are modular and can be sized and fitted for an van or trade role.

  • Do you carry a lots of parts & Components on your van? This Refrigeration customer does and was fed up with not being able to easily see stock onboard, often resulting in replacing stock unnecessarily. Click read more below to view in pictures how easy it was to solve the problem

  • This racking design in a Renault Trafic for a Refrigeration business packs a lot of storage options into the van. If you would like something similar but would like a few changes that is easy to do. Please have a look at the case study by clicking read more then perhaps complete the contact form and let us know what you would like to change and we will get to work on it

  • This design was for a Air Conditioning business's VW Crafter. If you have a different van but like the design, just let us know what your vehicle is and we can easily reconfigure it for your model. Just complete the contact form below and we will be in touch as soon as we can

  • We have designed and installed many racking systems for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning businesses are they all the same? No, because each customer has a different set of needs and items to store, not to mention a wide variety of van types. Fortunately our racking system is modular so we can configure it to suit you - please do get in touch to find out more