Silicone tube holder accessories for van. One of the most popular van racking accessories available, featuring in many racking designs. Store nine cartridges and their nozzles in the 310mm model or seven in the 260mm option. Manufactured from lightweight and powder coated aluminium, both products are built to last. Silicone holders are easy to fit and can be positioned on the end of existing racking units or elsewhere in the van quickly. Both size options benefit from intelligent design, a built-in incline meaning it is easy to retrieve cartridges from the holder. Visit our online shop to choose silicone holders.

Silicone Tube Holder Accessories – Product Features

Options 310mm depth holds nine cartridges and nozzles | 260mm depth holds seven cartridges and nozzles | Intelligent design | Lightweight 0.78kg for the 310mm and 0.72kg for the 260mm model | Powder coated aluminium | Fixings supplied | Quick and easy to install

Handy Tip

If carrying multiple tubes in vans purchase two silicone holders. Mount one above the other positioned at end of a racking unit. Store open tubes in one holder and unused ones in the other. This means stock is used more efficiently, therefore resulting in better stock rotation and reduced wastage.