Syncro racking crash test certified 30th May 2023

Syncro Systems in Italy have recently passed stringent crash testing conducted at the Orbassano Safety Centre. The 100% satisfactory test results means Syncro Ultra racking is GS Certified (Gepruefte Sicherheit). Crash testing saw an increase in the weight tested per racking module compared to the previous testing conducted in 2015.

Why crash testing is important

Crash testing a van that is fitted with Syncro Ultra racking is important. Testing aims to verify the safety of fitted racking and its load in the event of impact or harsh braking conditions. Positive evaluation enables the manufacturer to be awarded GS certification. Safety crash testing provides peace of mind to van operators when Syncro racking has been installed by approved distributors.

How was the racking tested?

Crash impact testing involves a simulated impact conducted at the Orbassano Safety Centre in Turin. A van fitted with Syncro Ultra racking plus weighted load of 160kg per module is subjected to simulated impact at 50km. The results post impact can be viewed in the before and after pictures. Whilst there is some impact damage to the end panels the racking modules remain in place with no shift or displacement. This positive test result means risk to van occupants and other road users is significantly reduced.