Van safe drawers are probably one of the best visual deterrents in the fight against the opportunist thief. Armorgard are specialists, their products are designed to protect valuable tools and equipment. No security system is 100% unfortunately, its all about reducing the risk of becoming a victim. Tradespeople are always busy trying to complete work, its understandable that a van door can be easily left open. Even just a minute or two is ample time for an unscrupulous thief to steal.

What can I do to protect my tools and equipment?

Invest in a van safe drawer from Armorgard, the Trekdror range is the most popular and there are three options to choose from depending on the volume and size of what you need to secure.

Why Armorgard?

Armorgard have been researching, designing and manufacturing security products for 30 years. Armorgard research and design engineers spend a lot of time on work sites so they experience the type of environment the products they develop are fit for purpose.

Which Armorgard products will help keep my tools safe and secure?

Armorgard’s TrekDror range is the best choice for tools and equipment safety. Choose from three different models all benefit from being cased in corrugated ribbed steel and have five lever deadlocks. TrekDror is designed to fit in small spaces in a van so they will not take up too much room.

TrekDror 1

Dimensions External: 490 x 1105 x 300 Internal: 410 x 1040 x 240

TrekDror 2

Dimensions External: 980 x 1105 x 200 Internal: 900 x 1040 x 140

TrekDror 3

Dimensions External: 490 x 1105 x 490 Internal: 410 x 1040 x 430

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What other security products are available from Armorgard?

Have a look at the full Armorgard range we stock in our shop just click here

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