Van security ideas – van theft is on the increase

Sadly the statistics tell us that van theft and or theft from vans is on the increase. Theft of the whole vehicle is projected to reach 33 vans per day when the figures are published, the theft number in 2015 was 12 per day. From the breakdown of the 10 regions London is estimated to have the worst annual theft rate at over 2200 each year with the North of England projected to be 87. Therefore van owners and users need to do more to reduce the risk.

Reduce the risk of your van being stolen

Manufacturers built in security has improved over the years, with Thatcham approved alarm systems and improved security features. Owners are encouraged to consider Tracking devices to increase the chance of vehicle recovery if the van is stolen. Other measures worth considering are ensuring you have CCTV coverage and sensor lighting wherever the vehicle is parked up overnight if possible.

After market Deadlocks

Deadlocks are one of the most cost effective prevention methods to deter would be thieves. Many thieves will simply pass onto another van if they see deadlocks as they want the least resistance possible. Because the more time they have to spend trying to overcome locks dramatically increases their chances of being caught. Slam locks are a great choice for multi-drop delivery drivers and Tradespeople, would be thieves often park, wait, and watch to spot a van operator who is in a hurry and has not locked a loading door.

Internal Van Security

Sadly the number of internal thefts of expensive trade tools is even worse than than the statistics on full vehicle theft. Professionals ability to work is severely impacted by thieves stealing tools and equipment from inside the van. The average value of trade tools is in excess of £2500, insurance premiums increase and it takes time to replace the stolen tools which in turn causes potential loss of income. The recovery rate for tools that are stolen is an alarming 1% because they are quickly sold on for a fraction of their true value by the thieves.

What can you do to minimise the risk?

Despite the alarming statistics, there is a lot that can be done to reduce risk. Consider installing a theft prevention safe box for tools and equipment and get deadlocks fitted. There is plenty of choice but we recommend Armorgard and regularly install their equipment in van racking installations we complete. Have a look at the Armorgard Trekdror range in our web shop. Armorgard offer a wide variety of high security products to suit many varied vehicle applications. If we are installing racking for you then its simple for us to design in space for Armorgard security products. Alternatively if you just want to purchase an Armorgard unit then head over to our web shop, subject to availability we can normally deliver to you within 48 hours.

Van Security Checklist

Choose your van carefully, select the best built in security features

Install a tracking device

Think about where you leave your van parked overnight

When working be aware of who might be watching your movements

Install Deadlocks/Slam-locks

Consider installing an onboard secure unit like Armorgard

Do not leave valuables in the Cab area

Above all appraise your van and contents, think like a thief would!

At Van Racking Solutions we take van security seriously, please do get in touch with us if we can assist with your van security.