Van Tidy Organiser

We all struggle with it, trying to keep on top of all the paperwork that is part and parcel of being in business. Even with the modern technology we have at our fingertips, we still end up with paperwork of some description. Stored in the back of the van, its highly likely to get lost or dirty and nobody wants to lose it, so it ends up in the cab with you. It is often on the passengers seat, which is ok until it has to be moved for some reason. Storing on either the dashboard or behind the sun visor is not ideal as it can slide up and down the vehicle or get dumped in your lap when you next pull down the visor!  However there is a much easier solution, the van tidy organiser or mobile office.

Product Key Features

The van tidy organiser is a handy unit which cleverly attaches to the front seat of the van, using a combination of the seat belt and the headrest. This part of the unit is a semi-permanent fixture and features two large storage areas for catalogues, price lists. See at a glance when you need to top up brochure stock, so you always have plenty in the van. The second part of the organiser is a strong plastic container box with several useful features. Strong wooden top with a clip attached to providing a solid writing surface. Easily take it on site and use it clip board style. The top has a handy cut out so you can store a drinks bottle in the storage box.

Van tidy features a useful accessory on the side to safely store your mobile phone. Facility to move the phone pocket to any of four distinct positions. We think though that the most useful feature is the ability to be able to release the main storage container that has all those receipts and invoices in it and take it inside when you get home. If you use an accountant or bookkeeper they will love it too and won’t be continually chasing you for missing paperwork!

If you would like to treat yourself the van tidy organiser is available in our online shop.