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About the project

Ford Connect racking system

Ford Connect racking system. A customer who is well known to us at Van Racking Solutions approached us with an issue they have, so we set about helping them find a solution. The customer operates a fleet across the country, with van operators making multiple visits each day. One of their team works mostly in large cities and found the normal van, was just too big for tight parking spaces and busy city traffic. The most suitable van was a Ford Connect but then they had to find a racking system that would still enable the van user to do their job efficiently.

Products we used for the racking installation

We started by installing a full Polypropylene lining kit, these lightweight and easy wipe clean kits provide protection for the van’s internal panels and provide a pleasing working environment for the user. Racking needs a good foundation to fix too therefore we installed a 12mm marine grade floor with a resin coating and marble grey finish. VRS replacement floors are anti slip and easy to keep clean, cut on a CNC machine at the factory with each entry point protected by stainless steel edging.

Drivers side racking products

Open storage at floor level with a restraining plinth helps with bulky storage without the risk of equipment sliding across the floor when on the move. Four large lin bins are great for keeping parts and components stored safely. For the smaller parts, we added twelve low profile storage bins, these useful sized containers have a removable aluminium divider supplied with them so it’s simple to create smaller storage compartments.

Towards the bulkhead are two steel service cases that can be lifted off the shelf and taken to the job. Each case has colour coded plastic mini trays inside, perfect for organising the real small stuff that can otherwise get easily lost. A lockable locker is essential for PPE and expensive equipment can be stored securely, so when away from the van it’s locked away from sight. Across the top of the racking is an open shelf unit supplied with removable mats and aluminium dividers.

Bulkhead and other installed products

Anyone familiar with the Ford Connect knows that the bulkhead shape can be a bit challenging to make use of! we did though manage to find a flat surface suitable for a length of rail and straps, meaning that bulky items can be strapped down quickly.We also installed a Flettner vent in the roof and for extra security, deadlocks have been fitted to the rear and passenger side doors.

Ford Connect racking system design highlights

12mm marine grade floor | lining kit | open storage plinth | large and medium sized lin bins | open shelving with dividers | service cases | lockable locker | rail and straps | roof flettner | security deadlocks

The End Result

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