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Transit Van Racking

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what will work best in the vehicle you want to rack. Because there are so many different things to consider it can be tough to know what will work the best. VRS case studies are an excellent place to start the research and planning process. Viewing racking projects we have completed for other customers in a Transit van can be really helpful. Customers who have searched for Transit van racking for Transit, Custom,Courier or Connect often find us that way, or from a similar worded search.

View Van Racking Installed in Fords

View a variety of projects we have completed in a range of manufacturers vehicles. Our racking system is modular so we are able to create any of the storage solutions you see, into pretty much any commercial van in the UK market including the Ford range.

View our Design Services

Once we have an idea of what you would like, we create a CAD design and send it for review. Based on feedback we can then adjust as required.

View our Auto Electrical Services

We have an Auto Electrical Engineer as part of our team, If you need onboard power for tools, equipment or additional lighting we can help you specify the correct products.

Our design services are free and without obligation. Please contact us by telephone 01202 797230 or email enquiries@vrs.ltd and we will be in touch to see how we can help.

Please note, all VRS products are modular and can be sized and fitted for an van or trade role.

  • If you agree with us that a good racking design is not just about the racking itself but also about making good use of often wasted space, we think you will like this case study for a Catering customers van.

  • Discover what the solution was for this customer who operates several maintenance service vans on a large busy Port Authority site. Van operators have to complete a wide variety of tasks, requiring flexible storage options on the vehicles

  • Do you carry a lots of parts & Components on your van? This Refrigeration customer does and was fed up with not being able to easily see stock onboard, often resulting in replacing stock unnecessarily. Click read more below to view in pictures how easy it was to solve the problem

  • Ford Transit racking for a maintenance van, do you need to find space in a racking system for your own equipment but still want a comprehensive racking design with no space wasted? if so then view what our design team produced for this customer....

  • If you operate Service vans then you will find this racking design of interest. Click read more to discover the variety of storage products we designed in for the customer, including a solution for those jobs that need something a bit more substantial than a bench vice

  • A crew cab means you have a bit less room available for racking, however as can be seen in this case study the bulkhead opened up another opportunity for storage for this catering customer. Click read more to view the finished build in pictures

  • Double cabs or crew cabs and popular for a variety of reasons. View this case study and find out what the customer wanted to achieve and what the end result looked like. It might be close to what you might like in your double cab!......

  • Maintenance service van racking for the aviation industry in a Ford Transit. If you need a comprehensive Auto Electrical system to power tools and equipment then we can install that at the same time we are installing racking. Benefit from our one stop solution to minimise the time the vehicle is off the road,click read more below.....

  • How do you provide lots of racking storage, plus a workbench, Teal hot hand wash and a high power Inverter package into a service van for a Recycling company? have a look at how we helped this customer

  • Supplier and installer of Electricity distribution equipment required strong and robust racking system, as often operate in challenging locations. Our design team produced a drawing based on what the customer wanted, have a read of the case study and view images of the completed build below...

  • Do you need to transport high value customers goods on board, plus have space for onboard repairs and storage for parts and components? That was the requirement for this customers Ford Transit- have a look at the end result and view what worked for this project

  • For smaller vans like Caddy,Berlingo and this Ford Transit Connect an Under Floor Drawer kit is often the go to choice to max out the storage options. This Property Maintenance customer though needed even more storage, click read more below to see the finished build and please get in touch if we can help you achieve something similar