Project Ref: CFD005

About the project

Ford Custom drainage van racking

Ford Custom drainage van racking project with plenty of room allowed for the jetter equipment. Every trade or specialist service has its own specific needs, and most off the shelf racking systems are just not suitable. At Van Racking Solutions, we like to do things a bit differently, we speak with potential customers find out what they need and then set about producing what the customer wants to achieve via a bespoke solution.

Products we used for the racking installation

We fitted a replacement floor, which is a 12mm marine grade ply with a resin finish and marble grey finish, our floors are anti slip and easy to keep clean and provide a stable base for the racking. A polypropylene lining kit was fitted to help protect the van’s side panels, easy to keep clean and lighter than ply.

Drivers side racking products

The driver’s side door was blocked and sealed, so it became a completely separate area within the vehicle. Reversed racking includes a spacious storage area at floor level, with four steel service cases above arranged in a two by two layout. Each case is supplied with colour-coded plastic insert trays, so small items can be neatly stored. Two rows of lift off the shelf lin bins provide storage for larger parts and consumables. The back of the revered racking is covered with marine grade material, resulting in a fully sealed off area.

The balance of space inside the van on the driver’s side has a covered wheel arch area, with shelf space above. Two rows of mixed sized lin bins provide additional storage compartments. Across the length of the van, features a top tray with a hinged end flap so pipe work or long tools can be loaded easily. The end of the racking is not wasted with this installation and has a paper towel holder, aerosol can holder and a silicone unit which can hold up to nine cartridges and nozzles.

To help with securing bulky equipment, we added an airline profile rail in front of the racking units and also across the bulkhead area.

Passengers side racking products

The customer requested that the passenger side be completely clear, so this van build benefits from a spacious area on the floor of the van.

Ford Custom drainage van racking design highlights

12mm marine grade floor | polypropylene lining kit | reversed racking system | service cases | lin bin storage | top tray | securing rails | paper towel holder | aerosol can holder | silicone cartridge holder

The End Result

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