Project Ref: HAR003

About the project

Ford Custom racking for a maintenance van. Racking was required to store tools and equipment whilst keeping floor space as clear as possible for bulky items. We designed a unit for the bulkhead with open shelving and space for two of our Galaxy parts cases, which are easy to lift off the shelf and take on site if required.  There was space for a Silicone holder & Aerosol can holder on the end of the unit. Racking unit was added to the Drivers side with the Driver’s side door blocked off making the racking accessible from outside the vehicle. Clamp at floor level which makes it possible to secure cases and access them easily from outside the van. Additional storage added with an extendible top tray and some Lin Bins plus another Silicone holder and Aerosol can holder for the end of this unit as well.

Design highlights | Replacement 12mm resin floor | Bulkhead unit | Galaxy cases | Racking accessible externally from side door | Tool case clamp system | Top tray | Lin Bin storage |  Space left for sheet materials | Silicone and Aerosol can holders

The End Result

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