Project Ref: PSS001

About the project

Vehicle often operates in remote locations with industrial equipment so needed a simple but robust racking system. On the Drivers side there is open storage at floor level with retaining straps, next level up gets open shelving with removable mats and dividers. As lots of parts need to be carried on board we then put in three levels of open storage Lin bins which are ideal for parts. The Passengers side features a workbench with three Steel drawers underneath. A tall Gas cupboard locker with floor venting to ensure compliance with regulations sits conveniently by the side door access. A Teal electric hand wash station is easy to access from the side door.

Design highlights | 12mm replacement floor with a resin coating and marble grey finish – anti slip and easy to keep clean | Open storage areas | Open shelving units | Open storage Lin Bins | Workbench | Gas cupboard with venting | Teal Electric hand wash facility

The End Result

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