Project Ref: RRG010

About The Project

MAN tge van racking for a fleet maintenance van. The company offers a wide range of services to its customers. The design has many highlights including a Migi Multi-function combined Compressor Generator with external Air tank positioned above the machine and designed into the racking, so it makes the best use of space.

The Migi combined Compressor Generator sits on the driver side against the bulkhead with the tank above and has flexible open shelving above and next to the machine. The next section towards the rear of the van has a long workbench with a great combination of standard width and extra wide steel drawers. There are eleven drawers in total positioned below the bench. At floor level there is lift up covered storage over the wheel arch area.

The passenger’s side has open storage with retaining plinths at floor level. There are an additional four steel drawers, open shelving and transparent drawer units across the top which takes care of  small parts storage, plus designated space for fuel cans.  The final touch to this design is a substantial drop down vice positioned at the passenger’s side door, enabling work to be done whilst still being inside the van – a huge benefit in the winter months!

Design highlights

12mm replacement floor with a resin coating and marble grey finish | Migi 502 combined Compressor Generator | External Air tank | 15 Steel Drawers | Workbench | Open shelving | Covered & open floor level storage | Transparent drawers | Fuel can storage | Drop down vice | Hand wash water carrier

The End Result

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