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About The Project

Racking for work van MAN vehicle

At VRS we love a good recovery van build, nothing pleases us more than when we are approached by a customer who has seen our work out on the road and then gets in touch. This successful midlands based business did just that so we set to work to help them create what they wanted. No two recovery van designs are the same, because not everyone likes to work in the same way. Our bespoke design service, one stop shopping solution, alongside our attention to detail helps us deliver the customers vision. Have a read of this case study and discover how we brought it all together

Products used

We started by fitting a full polypropylene lining kit. 6mm honeycomb construction, lighter than ply and most importantly can easily be wiped clean. Protects the van side panelling and provides a much nicer working environment.

Drivers side racking

Drivers side starts with design space for the Migi combined compressor generator and a high level air tank but more on the Migi later. At the bulkhead end two lockable lockers provide secure storage space for expensive tools and PPE. No space is wasted with large and small section of open shelving in between and below the cabinets. Mid van on this side gets open storage at floor level and then four levels of open shelving, great for a variety of kit. Closest to the rear doors there is still plenty of space available so we added in a 1.5 mtr workbench with a split drawer system underneath. Drawers under the workbench consist of six drawers around 400mm wide and five drawers at approx 900mm wide, we mixed up the depths a bit to give max flexibility. Floor level gets covered storage with a lift up door.

Passengers side racking

Open storage at floor level spans across the space with retaining plinths. Leak-proof stainless steel drip tray takes care of storage for fuels and if the worst does happen any spillage is contained within the tray. Next to the anti spill tray is two levels of open shelving and then four drawer stack for tools. Level three sees a full width run of open shelving – all our open shelves have anti slip mats and removable dividers. Sixteen transparent drawers occupy level four and to complete the racking there is another full run of shelving across the top. End of the racking by the passengers side door has a a fold away bench vice complete with a 125mm vice with pipe jaws and rotating plate.

Migi Combined Compressor and Generator

Space in all vans is at a premium and that particularly true in a roadside recovery/service van there is just so much equipment to carry onboard. A compressor and a generator are must have items, but they are space hungry. Migi machines help to solve this problem as two machines are combined into one. This customer chose the recovery industry favourite the Migi 402UK model with a 75ltr external air tank. Optional electric start and AVR voltage regulation were added to the specification.

Electrics & lighting installation

We supplied and fitted a comprehensive electrical system to support the Whelen light bars externally and a electrical support package inside the van –

  • 6 internal led lighting strips
  • 1000w 24v inverter
  • anderson connectors
  • axillary battery bank with 24v for tractor unit support
  • deep cycle AGM batteries under passengers seat
  • low power protection system
  • RCD sockets and voltage converters

Racking for work van in MAN vehicle – design highlights

polypropylene lining kit | bespoke design | steel drawers | covered and open storage areas | open shelving | transparent drawers | anti spill tray | lockable lockers | workbench | foldaway vice | Migi combined compressor generator | comprehensive electrical installation

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The End Result

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