Project Ref: WYM003

About the project

What did the customer want to achieve?

Racking install for a service van therefore the racking design needed to be well planned to ensure we created a workshop on wheels! Customer chose a Migi combined compressor generator and external air tank plus wanted to have side access drawers so when working on the side of the road, frequently used tools could be accessed quickly.

Products used in this MAN tge service recovery van

The VRS team fitted a polypropylene lining kit which is lighter than ply and easy to keep clean, its also so much nicer that traditional ply and makes the van much more visually appealing.

Drivers side racking

Space is designed in for the 75 ltr external air tank to support the Migi which is positioned vertically. Small lockable locker sits above the tank with an open shelf above that. A just under 1.3mtr worktop with a bench vice with built in drawers directly underneath. Towards the rear of the van is a four stack of wide drawers and a lockable lift up cover over the wheel arch area. Additional open shelving units with dividers and anti slip mats plus a covered storage section add to the huge amount of storage in this build. Just under 3.0 mtr extendible top tray with its hinged end flap completes the design for this side.

Passengers side

Highlight for this side has to be the four side access drawers which achieves what the customer wanted – easy access to essential tools from the safety of the passengers side door. The VRS design team then specced up around the side access drawers, covered storage at floor level, Three more steel drawers and three levels of storage shelves.

Why did this customer choose a Migi combined compressor generator?

Migi has been the go to choice for roadside recovery fit outs that we have completed for many years. Recovery/Service vans need to have a compressor and generator on board, both of which can be space and weight hungry. It makes sense to combine two machines into one – save space and save weight. For this build the customer picked the most popular model in the Migi range the petrol and Honda engine driven 502 UK cased machine, optional added extras included –

  • Electric start with 12v battery
  • 75ltr external air tank

Electrical install for onboard power

Many racking builds at VRS make good use of our Auto electrical services as it gets the van completed all in one place so its ready to go to work once completed. For this customer we installed the following –

  • extra  LED lighting strips for the roof and over the workbench
  • front and rear beacons
  • kisae sinewave inverter
  • enersys NP100 batteries
  • low power protection
  • 230v sockets
  • mounting boards,fusing and cabling

View the finished install in the extensive picture gallery

Design highlights | Polypropylene lining kit | 23 steel drawers | open shelving | top tray | covered storage areas | lockable locker | workbench & vice | easy access side drawers | Migi combined compressor generator | 75 ltr air tank | lights and beacons | inverter system

The End Result

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