Project Ref: LIV020

About the project

Wheelchairs are essential equipment for people who rely on them for mobility,unfortunately like anything mechanical, parts wear out and need repair and servicing. This organisation are part of the NHS and provide mobile repair and servicing to end users. We needed to keep as much floor space clear as possible to allow room for wheelchair access with space for the engineers to do the repairs inside the van. The design features a workbench on the Drivers side with drawers for tools and service cases for parts, underneath the bench so the Engineer has everything close to hand. Towards the rear of the van are large Lin Bins and open shelves for storage of larger parts and equipment. We also provided on board power with a Kisae 1000w inverter, supporting battery, low power protection and sockets. The Passengers side remains completely clear.

Design highlights | Replacement 12mm resin floor | Polyethylene lining kit | Workbench | Steel drawers | Service cases | Lin bin storage | Open shelves | Kisae 1000w Inverter | Covered wheel arch area

The End Result

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