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Volkswagen Van Racking

Did you know that the VW Transporter is the longest surviving model of all commercial vans, enjoying a production run of sixty years? In its first year in the UK market, it sold just 786 units! Volkswagen has a solid stable of panel van favourites, Crafter, Transporter, and the Caddy.

2023 saw the anticipated launch of the ID Buzz all-electric van with an impressive range of 250 miles. VRS has installed racking in several ID Buzz’s, the overall space inside is impressive. View our Volkswagen ID Buzz case study.

It can be difficult to know what will work best in the vehicle you want to rack. VRS case studies are an excellent place to start the research and planning process.

VW racking case studies

View a variety of projects we have completed in VW vans. Our racking system is modular, we can create any of the storage solutions you view, into pretty much any commercial van in the UK market, including the Volkswagen range.

VRS design service

Once we have an understanding of what you require, we create a costed CAD design and send it for review. Based on your feedback we can then adjust as required. Find out more about our design services.

Services for fleet operators

Van Racking Solutions works with fleet managers, we understand the complexities of having a fleet to manage. Discover more about VRS services for fleet customers.

Auto electrical services

We have an Auto Electrical Engineer as part of our team, if you need onboard power for tools, equipment, or additional lighting we can help you specify the correct products. Discover more about how we can help power your van.

The VRS team is ready to help!

Our design services are free and without obligation. Contact us by telephone at 01202 797230 or email [email protected] we will be in touch to see how we can help.

Please note, all VRS products are modular and can be sized and fitted for an van or trade role.

  • Dorset based fire protection business wanted a deep drawer raised floor system for their Volkswagen Transporter. View the image gallery to appreciate the size of the twin drawers, imagine how much kit can be stored whilst maintaining a completely free load space.

  • The new Volkswagen Buzz Cargo electric van launched to the market in 2022, it really is a smart looking van with a futuristic look. One of the questions asked by potential buyers is can you have commercial van racking in a Buzz, the answer is definitely yes and here is the proof! read our case study with before and after pics below....

  • Returning customer had chosen a different van manufacturer but wanted to keep same racking design as it works so well for their business, was this possible? Absolutely, we also managed to save the customer some money on this build find out how.......

  • If you have a smaller van as your business vehicle then a quick read of this case study proves you can still have a great racking system. This was for a Plumber, but could easily work for many other trades or other small vans

  • Underfloor drawer kit with a raised floor was the obvious solution for this VW Caddy owner and their maintenance van. There are lots of available options with UFD kits and like in this build its easy to add some racking on top to really max out the storage. Have a closer look at this installation and let us know if we can help with your next project

  • The VRS team are often asked by customers if we can accommodate their own equipment into a racking design. The answer is yes and we can even show the items in the drawings so the customer can see everything fits where they want it to, Click read more below and discover the end result in pictures and a description of the install....

  • Learn more from this case study that with a crew cab or Kombi style van you can easily have a comprehensive racking system. Discover how a U shaped design worked for this Plumbing & Heating customer

  • VW Caddy racking design for Electricians, case study illustrates perfectly how with some careful design planning its possible to really maximise storage options. View the project in words and pictures by clicking read more below....

  • We do a lot of designs and installs for Catering company service vans, each one is unique depending on what the customer needs to achieve and how their team works with the van. Have a read and view the images for this design including the space saving ladder storage solution

  • If you need to strike a balance between having racking but also need the space to work onboard, have a look at how we worked with this NHS division. They are responsible for servicing and repairing wheelchairs for disabled patients

  • You can still have a great racking system in a smaller van, Underfloor Drawers with racking on top proves the point - take a look at the install for this Heating Engineers VW Caddy

  • Case studies are a great way of viewing projects we have completed for other customers. If its not quite what you are looking for or you have a different vehicle that is absolutely fine. We can easily make changes or start a completely new design - complete the contact form below and we will be in touch