Project Ref: DFP001

About the project

VW Transporter Rear Drawer System

VW transporter rear drawer system for a service van, simple but functional was the order of the day for a long established Dorset based fire protection business. We have worked with this customer on several different projects, each vehicle is designed according to the user’s needs, proving that one size rarely fits all. Developing bespoke customer designs is one of the specialities of the Van Racking Solutions team.

Products we used for the racking installation

The VRS installation team installed a replacement floor to provide a suitable base for the extra large drawer system. We always use a 12mm marine grade ply floor, cut on a CNC machine at the factory, floors are anti-slip and easy to keep clean. Each floor features stainless steel edging at each entry point, providing protection and ensuring a long floor life.

Steel rear drawer system

Two large drawers are the stars of this build, each drawer is a massive 1200mm deep 540mm high and 540mm wide, you need to view the image gallery to appreciate the size of each drawer. VRS under floor drawers are supplied with anti-slip mats and removable aluminium dividers, creating different sized partitioned storage areas is simple if required. Four full length steel ball bearing guides per drawer, means the drawers are capable of holding significant weight, up to 150kg per drawer. Creating the false raised floor is achieved by using the same 12mm marine grade material used on the van base.

Security and bad weather cover

An added bonus is that when the rear tailgate is closed a casual passer by looking into the van would only see the raised floor, the drawers units are entirely hidden from view. Whilst we always recommend users to consider having deadlocks fitted it is reassuring to know that with this build, valuable tools and equipment are out of sight with the tailgate closed. As we seem to get more than our fair share of poor weather in the UK if you have the tailgate in the open position it provides some cover while you are loading or unloading!

VW Transporter rear drawer system design highlights

Replacement 12mm marine grade floor | extra large under floor drawers | each drawer 1200mm deep | drawer weight capacity of up to 150kg | full length steel ball bearing guides | anti-slip mats | aluminium dividers | 12mm raised false floor | drawers hidden from view with tailgate closed

The End Result

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