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About the project

VW Caddy racking for Electricians. If you own a small van is it possible to have a comprehensive van racking system that works for you? The answer is definitely yes. This case study for a midlands based property maintenance and electrical business shows how a great design is achievable. The business owner knew pretty much what he wanted and we worked with him from the outset and offered advice as and when it was helpful. Design description and images shows the finished result.

Underfloor Drawer kit

Underfloor drawer kits are a popular choice for smaller vans because it makes great use of limited space. Standard configuration is two large drawers to the rear and one large drawer to the side door. The layout provides the support for the raised floor to go on top, you have the choice to keep the load area clear or add racking units on top. Underfloor drawers are supplied with removable mats and dividers, aluminium dividers can be re positioned therefore creating different sized partition storage areas is easy. Deep drawers provide a lot of storage and the steel drawer guides mean they will take significant weight.

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Full Polypropylene lining panel kit. Lighter than ply, can be easily wiped clean, enhances the overall appearance of the van.

How to maximise the space available

Electricians carry a lot of tools and fittings therefore this customer wanted to design in racking units for both sides of the van so everything has its place and can be stored safely. Clever use of space means you know where everything is and don’t waste time trying to locate what you need!

Drivers side at the bulkhead end gets open storage at floor level with a case secure system so items can be secured quickly in the space. Next level up is an open shelf area with an additional open storage shelf above. Five steel parts cases feature next, each on a slide out tray, cases are supplied with colour coded mini bins for easy storage of small parts. Wheel arch area is not wasted space with a drop down front giving access to the storage area.

Passengers side benefits from a drop down front over the wheel arch with an open shelf section directly above. Using low profile lin bin storage units in this design means there is room for three levels providing nine more storage options. No space is wasted and there is room for tilt bin storage units on the end of each racking module.

Ladder storage is often a problem, unfortunately there was not sufficient roof for the owners preferred option of a Jet Rack. However we fitted milled rail with straps on the front of the drivers side racking, meaning a compact ladder can be easily stored on its side.

Extra internal lighting – We installed additional LED lighting, internally switched from the rear and passenger side door for convenience.

VW Caddy racking for electricians  – Design highlights

Underfloor storage kit | 12mm marine grade raised floor | polypropylene lining kit | case secure system | steel tool/parts cases | wheel arch storage | flexible open shelving | low profile lin bin storage | end of racking storage tilt bins | ladder storage | internal LED lighting

The End Result

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