Van operators often choose a smaller van like a Citroen Berlingo, Volkswagen Caddy or a Ford Connect. Small vans make good financial sense plus there is a host of other benefits that can be enjoyed. Trade people still need to carry their tools and equipment though, in a van with less space than bigger vehicles.

What do you need to carry in the van?

Smaller van owners need to do some planning to avoid making the van difficult to work with due to the sheer amount of tools and materials onboard. Be a bit strict, if you have not used something in the last month the chances are you are unlikely to use it in the next month! Can it be stored elsewhere, so its not taking up valuable space everyday in the van. It is really useful to make a list and possibly give each item a priority  A – must have B – good to have C – only if space permits.

How would you like to store things?

Once you have the list of what you need, its time to think about how to store it. View our van racking product guide which shows many of the most popular storage products that go into a racking design.

Under Floor Storage Drawers

These clever underfloor drawer kits are a highly popular choice for many small van owners. UFD kits are a bit like being able to have your cake and eat it! Underfloor storage means its possible to have extensive drawer storage for storing tools and parts, the raised floor gives you a completely free space for everything else as and when you need it.

How do underfloor drawer kits work?

The standard layout is two deep drawers to the rear of the van and another deep drawer to the side door access (usually the passengers side). This provides the storage facility and also the structural support for the raised floor on top. There are options to have shallow drawers to either the rear or side of the van depending on what type of storage drawers work best for you. Each drawer is supplied with removable mats and dividers so it is simple to create different sized partitioned areas. The raised floor is constructed from 12mm marine grade ply with a resin coating and marble grey finish. The floors are strong and will not warp, plus anti slip and easy to keep clean. Replacement floors really do enhance the inside appearance of the van.

What about my ladders?

Many trades need to carry ladders with them and storing them can be tricky. With an UFD kit there is the option to replace one of the drawers with an empty carcass shell. This provides the depth needed for a set of small ladders. One of the best products for small van racking ideas we think!

Is it possible to have racking on top of the raised floor?

Absolutely, many small van owners do exactly that to max out the storage capacity. We have some good examples in our case studies section there is a Berlingo direct link here and another for a Caddy here

If you would like to get a design for your small van then please get in touch with us, let us know what van you have and we will do the rest.