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Van Racking for Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance vans carry an ever-increasing range of tools, equipment, and expensive diagnostic kit, not to mention parts and consumables. The VRS team has installed functional racking systems for most commercial van variants. Our racking system is modular, we can create what you need from the vast product range available.

Fleet maintenance vans in pictures

To help potential customers plan the perfect racking system we post completed installations on our website under our case study section. This can be helpful if you are unsure what type of racking you need to make the fleet maintenance van efficient. Descriptions and pictures and sometimes a video can make the planning a little easier.

Design services for bespoke racking

Once we have an understanding of what you would like in your racking system, we create a CAD design and send it for review. Based on feedback, we can make changes as required. Find out more about our design services.

VRS Auto electrical services

We have an Auto Electrical Engineer as part of our team, If you need onboard power for tools, equipment, or additional lighting, we can help you specify the correct products. Discover how we power up your vehicles.

The VRS team is ready and waiting to help

Our design services are free and without obligation. Contact us by telephone at 01202 797230 or email [email protected] we will be in touch to see how we can help.

Please note, all VRS products are modular and can be sized and fitted for an van or trade role.

  • Property developer had the well known 8 X 4 sheet material problem to accommodate within van racking design, plus some fragile material to transport. Have a read in this case study what the best solution was for this customer

  • For smaller vans like Caddy,Berlingo and this Ford Transit Connect an Under Floor Drawer kit is often the go to choice to max out the storage options. This Property Maintenance customer though needed even more storage, click read more below to see the finished build and please get in touch if we can help you achieve something similar

  • We often have customers who's vehicles are traveling to off road sites to visit their customers. This landscape business needs racking that is built to last and can handle the off road lifestyle! have a look at what worked for them in this build by clicking on read more...

  • Read more about how we worked with this customer who operates in the commercial fleet recovery industry. Installing a Migi combined Compressor Generator saved space and weight meaning there was more room for storing tools and parts

  • Racking systems for maintenance & service vans are some of the most frequent projects we are asked to produce designs for. Each one is different to reflect what the customer has asked for. Click read more below to see the end result and please let us know if we can help your business with the next vehicle that requires a racking design

  • There is a good amount of space available in a VW Crafter for racking, however if you have a large amount of parts and components that need to be stored onboard then it needs a good mixture of both open and closed storage containers. That was the brief from this customer, view the completed build in pictures to see how we helped them achieve the right balance of storage options

  • A good racking design is not just about the racking and other equipment in the vehicle. It is also about thinking how the customer works with the van and maximising the available space, read how we worked with the customer to help achieve that for them.

  • Do you have a van with twin sliding doors? if you do then it might be worth considering blocking off the drivers side door with racking, Its really easy to configure the racking so it can be accessed from outside the van....read more to see how it worked for this customer