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Van Racking for Service Van

Van racking for a service van can be an extensive mixture of different trades and industries. A service van for a forklift company has a different set of requirements, compared to a utility company service vehicle. The term service van is generic, every business will have clear ideas on how their van needs to function.

Planning is the key to getting the layout correct, it pays dividends to work with the VRS team, if you need assistance with planning your racking layout. Specialist equipment and tools can be allocated space, so you know that everything fits correctly.

View examples of completed service van racking

We feature service van builds we have installed for other customers in our case study pages. Research can be helpful if you need ideas or inspiration. Service van case studies are show-cased in different manufacturers’ vehicles. Each example has a unique project reference, if you see something close to what you need, pop over the reference number, we can use it as a starting point for your project.

CAD design services

Once we have an understanding of what you would like, we create a costed CAD design and send it for review. Based on your review feedback, we can then adjust as required. Find out more about our without-obligation design services.

Auto electrical services for service vans

We have an Auto Electrical Engineer as part of our team, if you need onboard power for tools, equipment, or additional lighting, we can help you specify the correct products. Check out our auto electrical services page.

Get in touch with the VRS team

Our design services are free and without obligation. Contact us by telephone at 01202 797230 or email [email protected] we will be in touch to see how we can help.

Please note, all VRS products are modular and can be sized and fitted for an van or trade role.

  • Dorset based fire protection business wanted a deep drawer raised floor system for their Volkswagen Transporter. View the image gallery to appreciate the size of the twin drawers, imagine how much kit can be stored whilst maintaining a completely free load space.

  • Check out this build featuring an underfloor drawer system for a technicians service van. Learn how we helped the customer create the perfect combination of racking, load space and quick access to tools and equipment. Discover the extensive picture gallery to see what can be achieved with a raised floor conversion. View special Vauxhall Vivaro walk through - talk through video

  • The new Volkswagen Buzz Cargo electric van launched to the market in 2022, it really is a smart looking van with a futuristic look. One of the questions asked by potential buyers is can you have commercial van racking in a Buzz, the answer is definitely yes and here is the proof! read our case study with before and after pics below....

  • Read and view in pictures how we work with RS recovery to design and install a best in class system for their vehicles. This case study features a walk through video of both inside and outside of a Mercedes Sprinter...

  • Returning customer Stepney Commercials have a new Sprinter on their fleet, we were excited to be asked to supply the racking, electrics and Migi compressor generator for the build. We really liked the finished van so we made a video which can be viewed by clicking read more below...

  • Busy service vans need to carry lots of tools and equipment, knowing how to efficiently store them to maximise the van space is how we help our customers. Read this case study with pictures and a description to discover more. If we can help you organise your van space then we would love to hear from you.

  • Do you operate a service van? Would you like a new racking system but don't want to replace your tool chest? Are you fed up with an untidy van that is difficult to work with? Do you need a comprehensive electrical system to provide power? answer yes to any of these questions then this case study with its extended picture gallery is for you!

  • Are you a mobile mechanic or service van operator? Would you like a bespoke racking design? Tempted by a space saving Migi combined compressor generator? need an electrics pack? then you will like this build and there's a walk through video to view.....

  • Ford Custom racking build for a catering business, racking system designed to maximise user efficiency. Van operator has a home for everything so less wasted time during the day, features space saving Jet rack ladder storage.

  • Choosing a functional racking system for a smaller van and still retaining loading space inside the van can be achieved easily. Read how we helped this Fire and Security alarm company achieve the right mix of storage and space.

  • At VRS we have gained a wealth of experience over the years designing racking systems for a wide variety of end users. The recovery industry has expanded dramatically,therefore the number of customers we complete these comprehensive conversions for keeps growing. Have a read of this case study in words and pictures to discover what worked for this MAN tge build........

  • If you operate Service vans then you will find this racking design of interest. Click read more to discover the variety of storage products we designed in for the customer, including a solution for those jobs that need something a bit more substantial than a bench vice